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IPhone X: Everything You Need to Know

Shout out to all the tech-admirers! The internationally renowned brand-APPLE is popular for the tremendousness it emanates to the world of technology. On November 9, 2007, the magnificent IPhone series was launched and soon mankind will embrace the latest version of this series-IPHONE X.  The price of this stunning wonder ranges from RS.95, 390 to RS108, 930. These phones have redefined the smartphone world in an impeccable manner and turned out to be one of the most advanced gadgets present today.  Acquiring this trendy companion won’t hurt your pocket much as there are numerous mobile offers that will help make your shopping  experience a super-amazing one. Get ready for awesomeness!

New Generation Phone: IPhone X

  1. About Display

  • The terrific IPhone X comes in screen size of 5.8 inch
  • It consists of multi-touch OLED display for a great vision
  • It excels in terms of super retina HD display and supports HDR display too.
  • The amazing display has fingerprint resistant oleophobic coating that protects the device.
  • It also has 3D touch, wide color display and true tone display that enhance its appearance.
How is it different from previous IPhones?
IPhone X is the only device by Apple to contain OLED display. However the same is of a very high resolution thereby bettering the viewing experience.
The role of display screen
What is the first thing you get to notice about a device? The display obviously! The display you get in this brand new IPhone has been specifically crafted for clear, bright and perfect usage. Also, it is embedded with multiple modes and features that make your experience even more interesting.
  1. Specs and Features

Here is a quick overview of the marvelousness it offers-
  • IPhone X has RAM equivalent to 3GB and comes in two ROM variants of 64GB and 256 GB.
  • It provides resistance from dust, water and splash.
  • It is available in two color options- Silver and Space grey
  • The cameras offer wide angle and telephoto views and are of 12 megapixels
  • It contains one 7 MP true depth camera with Animoji and portrait lighting
  • The best part is it supports face recognition feature too
  • It has classy looks with round shaped beautiful corners
  • The battery is backed by fast charge capacity and lasts up to 21 hours
  • The phone runs on the latest version of the operating system- iOS 11.
What’s new in this?
This time Apple has combined the finest of its technology and put it in IPhone X. This phone is packed with more than you can ever imagine.
Are these features extraordinary?
Yes they are! IPhone X has got so much to offer that it is hard to mention all under a single window. All these features define this prestigious device and have given it the awesomeness it showcases. It contains every feature at their best and that’s what makes it the most desirable device of today.
  1. Animoji

  • Record your personal reaction and share it with an Animoji
  • You can get your expressions mirrored in innumerable animojis
  • You can record the same for up to 10 seconds
Is it different from previous IPhones?
Yes it completely is! You will find this happening feature exclusively in IPhone X thereby adding to the desirability this device possesses. It is brand new and super fun.
What’s so great about it?
Creativity at its best! This feature allows you to record and share what you wish to convey in an impressive manner and that’s what makes it totally unique.

  1. Portrait Lightning

  • Take charge of light and appreciate yourself for the great shots you clicked
  • It easily captures pictures with bokeh effects
  • By this highlighting the subject is super convenient and fun
Is there something unique?
Everything is! This is a recent innovation by Apple and hence it can be only experienced in certain models like IPhone X, IPhone 8 plus etc.
Why to prefer this feature?
Why one should not? This feature helps you in creating your own mark by redefining numerous lightning modes and in depth technology that makes it irresistible like never before.
  1. A better and Understanding Siri

  • Just say ‘Hey Siri’ and it is in control
  • Send messages, play songs, set schedule reminders and a lot more
  • Ask anything and get brilliant answers
What’s new this time?
This time the technology is even more magical and that’s what that will enhance your experience like a pro. Now, you can use Siri for anything and everything you wish to.
Is this feature so important?
This feature gifts you a personal virtual assistant that helps you in performing tasks on the go just by an order of your voice. It is a very versatile feature.   
  1. About Arkit in IPhone

  • Bridge the gap between virtual and real with augmented reality
  • Perform automated tasks by connecting to this brand new technology
  • It literally gives you super powers to perform daily tasks
  • You can easily have a pinch of virtual being in real sense
Why IPhone X?
Apple has come up with really stunning features in IPhone X, one of such is this. It lets you play virtual games in real life environment and does a lot more than you think.
Is this feature worth taking the buying decision?
This technology will transform your life like nothing else and make you experience wonder at its best. This is new and rare to find, but yes it do exist in IPhone X.
  1. Wireless Charging

  • No more wires needed for charging your IPhone
  • Charge it anytime, anywhere from a wireless charger
  • The same works only when Qi-certified chargers are used
  • It comes with fast-chargeable battery too.
How is it better?
Although wireless charging is available in previous models too, this time efforts have been made to make it even more precise and convenient. It comes with greater power and numerous other advanced benefits.
What is the inevitability of it?
With the help of such a fast and advanced technology, getting your device charged up is no more hectic and time consuming. So, yes it works well!
  1. Increased Storage Space

  • Keep as much as you want to with enhanced storage
  • The 64GB and 256 GB internal storage options offer ample space
  • You can make your data safe in the vivid Cache too
What’s so different?
Never ending space is the key to smarter usage! And this is what Apple has embodied in its latest device named IPhone X. This device has got storage features like no other device from the IPhone family.
Is storage a very significant measure?
Somehow it is! As smartphones of premium quality only are backed up with higher internal storage parameters and thereby serving great and making life much easier.

Apple Tips

Here are some great tips and tricks that will aid you in getting the most out of your IPhone and make you experience all that you earlier didn’t have any idea of -
  • Adjust camera’s exposure by just dragging your fingers up and down
  • 3D touch feature can be used for accessing advanced control features
  • You can instantly reply to a message by double tapping the message bubble
  • Turn on I-cloud feature and find your photos & videos on all iOS devices
  • Say ”hey Siri make it louder” and the volume will go high automatically.  

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly , there are immeasurable smartphone brands in the market today but the incredibility Apple presents through its wonderful products is irreplaceable. IPhone X is the latest version by the company till today and it contains all uniqueness Apple has discovered. You need to invest a huge sum, but doing so will be definitely worth the overwhelming experience that follows. You can get this at reduced price by availing numerous electronic offers running online. This Phone is totally different from other smartphones that might come up with same features but they do not execute their functions the way it does. IPhones function as per 5th generation technology and possess innumerable special features that are worth experiencing. Choose heartily and get your IPhone X shortly!