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Here's how the evolution of technology has shaped the automobile industry

The breakneck pace at which technology has evolved in the past few decades has touched each and every sphere of our life. Thanks to the major leaps made in technology, the cars in which we travel have also improved a lot in terms of the features and functionalities provided. Navigation, autonomous driving, parking assistance, electricity-powered vehicles etc. are just a few of the various revolutionary changes the automobile industry has seen of late.

Tesla has been at the forefront of pushing the limits of technology in the automobiles industry in the last decade. The demand for its vehicles and the reverence the general public has for Elon Musk bear testimony to the fact that Tesla has been taking the right strides. The rising popularity of electric vehicles can be attributed to Tesla's success as an automobile manufacturer, besides it being the need of the hour.

Alfa romeo is another car manufacturer that has been at the forefront of utilizing the latest technological innovations in its cars. Being a luxury car manufacturer, Alfa Romeo can afford to pass on the cost of the razor-sharp technology that's present in its cars.

Needless to say, we can expect the automobiles industry to be further revolutionzed by technology in the upcoming years. While all of the Back to the Future predictions may not have come true in 2017, we can still hope for floating cars to be prevalent some day, right?