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Sling TV Vs DIRECTV NOW: Which one is better?


Confused between DIRECTV and Sling TV? Here have a look at the quick comparison among the two of them.



Sling TV

Channels range



Price Range



No. of simultaneous streams

Allows two to three simultaneous streams depending on the package one opts for.

Enable users to enjoy one to four simultaneous streams depending on the package.

HBO’s cost



Cloud DVR service

Inclusive of the cloud DVR service. One can store 20 hours monthly.

Charges an extra $5 per month for 50 hours of cloud DVR storage. It also offers an unlimited days upgrade.

NFL Sunday Ticket



DIRECTV versus Sling? Which one to choose?

In case, you are also thinking of ditching the cable TV and getting yourself an online streaming service then DIRECTV and Sling TV are quite reasonable choices. We will break this comparison into different categories to provide a clearer picture. So let’s begin with it.

Quick price comparison among the two:

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to get yourself some premium or high-end service then Sling TV is the winner for you. It provides the most comprehensive entertainment at quite reasonable prices. Although these light on pocket entertainment packages by Sling TV have limitations to it, such as few channel options, extra charges for could DVR storage, etc. On the other hand, even DIRECTV Now’s smallest package offers higher number channels compared to Sling TV’s highest package which by the way has the same price as that of DIRECTV’s “Live a little” (DIRECTV’s Live a little offer 65+ channels however Sling TV’s orange+ blue offer 50+ channels). Plus all the packages of DIRECTV NOW are inclusive of the DVR charges. Have a look at different packages of Sling TV and DIRECTV NOW.




Live a little

65+ Channels


Todo Y MAs

90+ Channels


Just Right

85+ Channels


Go Big

106+ Channels


Gotta Have it

125+ channels


Sling TV Plans



Sling Orange



Sling Blue



Sling Orange+ blue



However, Sling TV is best suitable for all the money savers. This saving will certainly cost you low entertainment and a major miss on a few important channels such as The CW, Fox News, Telemundo, etc.

Sling TV Vs DIRECTV NOW Channel Line-up:

If I sum this discussion up in one line then it would be “DIRECTV NOW premium” doesn’t even have any comparison with Sling TV. Plus it has got NFL Sunday Ticket to knock Sling TV off the ground.
With DIRECTV Now it is easy to get hands-on a variety of channels but when it comes to foreign channels Sling TV is your knight in shining armor. One can grab a handful of international channels via sling TV. It enables you to avail of Mexican channels and other add-ons to enjoy international content. However, HBO, NBC, and other such channels are more than enough to inject anyone with the true buzz of entertainment.

Local Channel Affiliation:

DIRECTV belongs to the telecom giant AT&T, which is why it has a great number of local affiliates i.e. 218 compared to 36 local affiliates of Sling TV. But certainly which local channel one can tune is largely dependent on the locality of the user. Streaming online, however, requires great internet speeds. I got myself DIRECTV Now along with the best internet service provider near me i.e. AT&T. The real purpose of getting AT&T was to take advantage of their amazing “no data usage” offer exclusively for AT&T users. You must be wondering what is it? Well, for all the AT&T users watching TV on the app against their mobile data, AT&T does not count the watch time against their data limits which means no data usage.

Comparison between Premium Channel prices:

If you get all aroused by the theme music of Game of Thrones and want to stay in the awe of Chernobyl then Sling TV and DIRECTV NOW both have got you covered. The quick price comparison of premium channels clearly depicts why DIRECTV is a better choice than that of Sling TV.

Premium Channels


Sling TV


Not applicable












Not Applicable


To Conclude:

Both DIRECTV NOW and Sling TV are amazing in their places. DIRECTV NOW is best suitable for the people who do not have any budget restrictions or are total entertainment freaks. However, Sling TV goes light on the pocket and provides a small yet amazing packet of entertainment.

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