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The 5 Best Day Trading Computers

Taking on a full-time career such as day trading is possible even from the comfort of your own home. However, you cannot just rely on any old laptop. You will require the services of a powerful trading computer if you want to keep up.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top fully assembled trading computer systems. We’re focusing on the setups that you can conveniently accommodate in your home without sacrificing performance.

Check out the suggestions below because you might just find the one perfect for your home.

The Best Trading Computer – John Carter F-52GT System Bundle

We want to start with the best of the bunch and we believe that’s the John Carter F-52GT System Bundle. There’s no shortage of impressive specs in this workstation.

You can get up to 18 processor cores of the AMD or Intel variety depending on your preference. Complementing that impressive core array is at least 16GB of RAM. If you want to ensure premium performance throughout your trading sessions, you can hike that up to 128GB of RAM.

Storage is in no short supply either with the possibility of upgrading to 2TB made available.

Opting for the standard setup nets you six 24-inch Acer monitors. You can improve upon that and have an eight-monitor setup at home consisting of 27-inch screens from Acer.

Phase change heat pipe cooling also works wonders at keeping everything operating smoothly. It’s an efficient system that routinely prevents the workstation from overexerting itself.

Another thing we want to note about this setup is its quiet operation. You can welcome it into your home without worrying about how disruptive it could be.

The price tag for this workstation isn’t cheap, but it is definitely more than worth it. For day traders willing to splurge, this John Carter Bundle is well worth a buy.

Ken Wood P-32 System Bundle

What we like about the Ken Wood P-32 System Bundle is the emphasis on practicality. It’s not going to claim the title of best trading computer because it features the most impressive components. Instead, it focuses on delivering more than adequate performance on a consistent basis.

Starting with the processors once more, you can take your pick from some terrific AMD and Intel creations. Buyers have the option of going for either the third generation AMD Ryzen processors or Intel’s ninth generation offerings.

Moving on now to RAM specifications, you can choose between 16, 32, and 64GB options. For storage, the bundle can provide as much as 1TB of space.

Monitor options for this bundle include a four-monitor setup with 24-inch screens or the same type of arrangement but with 27-inch screens.

This Ken Wood P-32 System Bundle is more than capable of handling the demands of day trading. Keep it in mind if you want a great value purchase.

Joe Krutsinger F-52GT System Bundle

Perhaps you’re looking for something that provides more oomph than the trading computer above. In that case, you may be interested in the Joe Krutsinger F-52GT System Bundle.

You can opt to have up to 18 cores powering up this workstation. Buyers also have the choice between those being AMD or Intel cores.

Included in this bundle are four 24-inch monitors, but notably, those can be upgraded to 27-inch monitors. It’s also worth pointing out here that the monitors included are 4K-capable. That crystal clear quality is something you’ll appreciate as you continually use your workstation.

Bank on consistently outstanding performance if you decide to go with this system. To further enhance the operation of the system, the manufacturers have included 128GB of RAM. Even the standard RAM configuration of 16GB is not too shabby.

There’s also no need to worry about storage space with this workstation. Day traders are given the option of having 2TB of space included if they get this set.

It’s a mammoth workstation in every way, meaning it’s ideal for day traders who really want to become more active and engaged.

Orbital Computers Trader X500i Package

Next up, Orbital Computers is offering their X500i Package to those looking for a new trading computer.

This workstation is packaged together with Intel i7 cores. The standard option includes eight Intel i7 cores. You can expect steady and reliable performance from this computer given that configuration.

The four-monitor setup includes 24-inch screens and a durable stand to boot. It’s easy to view everything going on from the comfort of your desk.

Where this workstation pales in comparison to the options highlighted earlier is in storage space. It tops out at around 480GB, which is well under what you see from numerous other alternatives.

The good news is that the RAM configuration is still in line with industry standards. You’re getting 16GB at least and you can up that to 64GB if you prefer.

Overall, this Orbital Computers package features good value, but you can find clearly superior options.

Dell Optiplex 9020RN1

To round out our list of trading setups, we’re taking a closer look at the Optiplex 9020RN1 from Dell. This Dell offering is a good choice to consider for those seeking a more affordable trading computer.

It comes with a price tag significantly lower than what you typically find attached to most complete trading setups. Don’t let the lower price tag trick you into thinking this is an inferior bundle though.

Buyers are still getting a solid setup with a quad core Intel i7 configuration and that’s supported by 16GB of RAM. In terms of storage, this setup gives users 500GB of available space.

The two-monitor setup may appear insufficient, but the screens are of great quality. You should still have no trouble keeping track of everything going on.

Admittedly, the Optiplex 9020RN1’s specs probably won’t wow you especially after learning about the alternatives. Still, if you’re a new day trader looking for an entry-level option, this Dell offering is a good pick.

Completing splashy transactions and realizing your gains is possible straight from home with the right trading computer setup. Hopefully, the options included in this article have met your standards and you’ll soon be able to create a terrific environment for trading inside your home.