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Top 10 iPhone hacks every user should know about

Even if you are a regular iPhone user, there is a chance that you may have missed out on a lot of the amazing features of your device. The iPhone is a powerful device that is filled with extremely fun and convenient features. These are designed to enhance the usability of the iPhone and make it a faster, easier and highly effective smartphone.To help you in learning about these useful features, here is a list of top 10 iPhone hacks every user should know about.

1.     Sync iMessage with your Mac

Apple’s iMessage is a versatile app used to communicate with family, friends and colleagues acrossvarious Apple devices. If you spend most of your time working on your Mac, then it might be sensible to sync your phone’s iMessage with your Mac device. Just sign in to your Mac’s ‘Messages’ app using the same Apple ID that you use on your iPhone, and your conversations will sync across both devices. If you are unable to use iMessage on Mac then find more information here.

2.     Prevent audio messages from expiring

If you are a regular iMessage user, you mayhave observed that all audio messages disappear after 2 minutes. Although a small pop-up does appearbelow the audio message to keep the message, if you ignore it, the audio message will be gone forever. If you wantto prevent your iPhone from automatically deleting your audio messages, go to Settings, select Messages, scroll down, choose Audio Messages and tap Expire. Here you will find two options, After 2 Minutes and Never. Select Never, and it’s done!

3.     Select and edit text

To enhance the accessibility of its keyboard, iPhone has added some simple features where users can select and edit text. For example, you can select a word by tapping twice with one finger or select a line by tapping three timeswith one finger and select a paragraph by tapping four times with one finger. Once you select the text, you will also see the available editing options. Using these options, you can cut, copy, paste, replace or format the selected text.

4.     Measure spaces in real-time

All iPhones come with a built-in ‘Measure’ app, which uses Augmented Reality to measure distances. As this is an extremely accurate app, you no longer need a measuring tape to measure different spaces or objects. To measure something, open the Measure app, position your iPhone’s camera to face a flat surface, tap the “+” icon to start measuring and move your iPhone across the surface to move the on-screen measure. Once you reach the end of the surface tap “+” icon again to view the measured distance.

5.     Set a sleep timer for music

If you like to fall asleep while listening to music or podcasts, you can make use of the iPhone’s feature that switches off audio after a certain time. To enable a sleep timer for music and podcasts, go to the Clock app, tap Timer, select When Timer Ends, scroll down and select Stop Playing. This will turn off music when the timer expires.

6.     Get LED flash notifications

If you prefer to receive visual alerts for all notifications instead of audio alerts, then there is a feature that will alert you using your iPhone’s LED light. When enabled, your phone’s LED light will flash every time you receive a message or a notification. To turn on this feature, go to settings, select General, choose Accessibility, tap Audio/Visual and toggle on “LED Flash for Alerts”. 

7.     Quickly launch a website

There are numerous secrets hidden in your iPhone’s keyboard. For example, if you are in a hurry to open a website, then here is a shortcut for you. First, type a website’s address into Safari and then tap and hold down the period icon that is at the bottom of your iPhone’s keyboard. This will suggest a list of multiple URL endings. You will find different options of standard suffixes such as .com or .net and other uncommon suffixes such as .edu, .org and .ie. To quickly finish entering the web address, just choose the suffix you want and press the “go” button.

8.     Lock your camera’s focus and exposure

Many times while taking pictures users lose the adjusted focus and exposure level due to not being able to hold the phone steadily. However, with a single tap on the screen, you can fix your iPhone’s camera focus and exposure. To fix it, hold your finger on the screen until the “AF/AE Locked” dialogue box appears on top of your screen. Once you fix this, the camera will not lose its focus or exposure settings, even if you twist or turn your phone.

9.     Stop apps from asking for feedback

User reviews and feedback are important for app developers to improve the functionality of their apps. However, being continuously interrupted by popups to rate an app or leave a feedback can be annoying for many users. If no longer wish to be interrupted for app feedback and reviews then simply go to Settings, select App Store and toggle off ‘In-App Ratings & Reviews’. This will prevent apps from interrupting you for feedback and ratings.

10.  Set a Timer faster

If you frequently use your iPhone’s Timer, there is a quickeralternative for opening the Clock and setting up the Timer. To quickly set up your iPhone’s Timer, swipe down on your screen to access the Control Centre. Here you will find a Timer icon. Rather than tapping the Timer, tap and hold it till a box appears to set the timer. Just swipe your finger up to adjust the Timer as per your preference. As soon as you adjust the time, tap Start and it’s done. Alternatively, if you make use of Siri, you can simply say ‘Hey Siri, set a timer for XX minutes’, and Siri will start the timer for you.


Over the years, Apple has put a lot of effort into increasingthe versatility of its iOS. As Apple continues to introduce new features to enhance the performance of its devices, you should keep your eyes out for new features to stay updated with your phone’s latest hacks and tricks.


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