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Implementing a Greenfield Strategy in a Media Company

 The media industry is flooded with competition and to maximize their exposure and success in the marketplace, using the latest technology trends is important. The mind and taste of consumers is always changing. It is a never ending alteration as new things enter the industry and the consumers are magnetized towards it. Technologies like Greenfield software are used in several media companies as lack of technological mediums can result in negative impacts on revenue and loss of subscribers too.

Consumers expect a lot from the media these days. The audience requires real and high quality information. Whether it is entertainment news or it is a serious matter; quality content is appreciated and hyped. Moreover, the content must be easy to access for the audience too, otherwise they wouldn’t spend much time fiddling with your source and simply jump to another media organization.

Cloud computing is a great option for businesses and if utilized right, it can help companies customize their functions impeccably well. To say on top of the game, Greenfield and Brownfield software can be extremely helpful. You can update and improvise your IT systems with it and stay ahead in the competition too. They both help you reach your required needs and settle goals efficiently.

What is Greenfield?

Many people have heard about this term as it is used in various industries. These are usually used to discuss previously developed projects, ground up projects and construction development.

Greenfield focuses on crafting cloud computing applications, from scratch. This brings in a great range of customization. Media companies can easily customize their systems to reach their specified goals. However, this is a bit costly but with the perks that it has to offer, media companies do opt for application of Greenfield strategies in their IT system.

Advantages of Greenfield Strategy:

Although Greenfield is an expensive option, why do organizations still opt for it? Well, it is because it brings in a bunch of perks for the company, weighing out the cons.

The biggest benefit of Greenfield strategy is flexibility. It allows you to build an IT system that runs completely on your needs and goals. You can eliminate many technical hurdles that previously did not work for your company and customize them according to your needs, through Greenfield. Personalizing the entire system, according to a set of goals that fit your needs is the best bet for any organization.

Secondly, it saves you a lot of time. If you are planning to hire different resources that can help you, keep your organization's IT system compatible with the existing infrastructure, then you are wasting a lot of energy and time. With Greenfield, you put all of these worries aside as it brings in huge flexibility and eliminates the process and need of hiring additional resources. It is meeting all your needs and is saving you time as well.

Greenfield helps you stay in the front of the media industry. The competition in the media marketplace is massive and it can be pretty daunting for the organizations to cope up with the largely evolving consumer needs. With the Greenfield approach, you build an adaptable system that adapts with the changing needs seamlessly.

Lastly, Greenfield does seem costly if you plan and manage it at first. However, if you look at it as a long term investment, you will experience that it is a rather cost effective approach. A lot of costs are involved in cloud migration and Greenfield eliminates all of those for you. Thus, in the longer run, it becomes a rather cost effective approach. You will definitely realize it later on but a proper budgeting might help you understand the benefits here.


The Greenfield approach is a daunting one because it is a completely new approach in the IT world. Many organizations hesitate before leaping towards it but the flexibility and adaptability of this software has had many companies raving about it. As this strategy helps you adapt to the strongly evolving technologies and helps you stay ahead in the game, it is definitely worth the shot. It might be costly but it is an investment that will pay off.