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Methods Of Land Clearing - Best Ways To Clear Your Property In NZ

It is important to clear the undeveloped land and it can be a concern for landowners most of the time. When landowners finally want to use the property that they have wanted for a long time then it is time to clear it. It includes all the tasks like removing all the weeds and difficult vegetation that can overgrow over a certain period. It is indeed a long process and requires a lot of people.

It can take a lot of time to complete this task depending on the workplace you have and how efficiently they are working on this project. But if you get your hands on the right methods and tips and tricks then you can easily get the job done within time. In this article, we will discuss the methods of the land clearing process  and the best way to clear your property.

Effective methods of land clearing

Let's have a look at the methods of land clearing below.

 1. Cut And Grind

The first process is called the cut and grind technique which is very beneficial if you have a small number of trees on a property. In this process first, you have to remove all the weeds and the unnecessary bushes. This process can be performed by using different types of tools like a brush mower root plow. But it will depend upon the space and the equipment that you have available on your property.

 Once this process is over you have to move to the larger machinery which will take down all the trees and put them in a single pile together to make the job much easier for you. After that, you have to remove all the remaining terms of the trees and for that, you will require a bulldozer or truck. Then you can spread it across the land and it will improve the soil quality. In the second process, you have to take everything down but it is done in the case of medium-size trees.

 2. Pushover

The second method which proves to be effective for land clearing is the pushover process which is also called bulldozing. In this process, you push over the large growth by using huge and expensive machinery.

But the thing is that this method will leave the roots intact in the ground. Bulldozer is are very efficient when you are working on a land clearing project and it depends upon your budget. In this technique, you will put all the brush and the trees and the holes will remain and be taken care of by the bulldozer. The only disadvantage of using this method is that it will destroy the soil quality.

 3. Pullover

Another popular and effective method of land clearing is called the pole over method and it is also called the pulling method. In this process, you have to get tractors and chains. You will attach the change to all the vegetation that you need to remove and then pull it away by using a tractor. While performing this process you need to keep in mind that you can detach the change to any tractor.