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3 Virtual Travel Tips for Seniors

 The world is a vast and exciting place filled with endless possibilities for exploration. And so while travel may become more challenging with age, especially for seniors in assisted living facilities, the spirit of adventure shouldn't diminish. Especially with virtual travel.

In fact, here are 3 helpful virtual travel tips for you. 

Use Devices with Simple Controls

Devices with simple controls are a godsend because they strip away the complexity and physical demands of fancier gadgets. They make it so much easier for you to get into virtual worlds on your own, without any pesky frustrations or the need for constant help.

Tablets are often a good bet—they balance usability with enough tech to keep things interesting. And look for apps designed with seniors in mind, which usually have larger icons, simplified menus, and straightforward instructions. 

It's also a good idea to spend some time getting familiar with the device's basics in a no-pressure setting before you jump into a virtual tour.

Opt for Tours with Audio Narration

Audio narration really brings a virtual tour to life, providing context and stories for what you're seeing. It's perfect if you prefer listening to learning by reading, especially when dealing with small text that can be tough on the eyes.

To find tours with audio narration, look for virtual experiences offered by big museums and cultural sites. These spots often feature professionally narrated tours.

Take the British Museum's interactive timeline, for example. It's packed with audio clips describing artifacts across different eras. You can explore various sections of history, listen to detailed narratives about ancient objects, and grasp their historical contexts—all from the comfort of your living room.

Join Virtual Group Tours

Virtual group tours add a social twist to travel, letting you connect with others who share your interests. These tours may even include live Q&A sessions with guides, which really make the experience more lively and interactive.

A lot of places now offer virtual group tours designed just for seniors. You can find them through community centers, travel clubs, or specialized providers like Road Scholar. These are scheduled events, usually led by a pro guide, and they often feature a group chat function so everyone can chime in.

Road Scholar, for instance, runs live virtual tours of historical cities like Rome. When you sign up for a tour, you may just get to see landmarks like the Colosseum as well as ask questions, interact with other participants, and request the guide to zoom in on interesting details—all making your virtual trip a shared and dynamic adventure.

The beauty of virtual travel is that it allows seniors to go on exciting journeys from the comfort of their own chairs. So explore these 3 virtual travel tips that can open doors to new experiences and keep the wanderlust alive!