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Best Value for money Android Tablets 2012

Rise of The Tablets
With the flow of time,the shape and types of Gadgets around us is changing and one of the latest gadgets to mesmerise the world are tablets which were made popular by the recordbreaking iPad from apple.The perfect screen size for tablets is still among arguments,but be it a 7" screen or a 10" screen,both makes our life a hell lot easier with mainly the portability and flaunt factor.

The most attracting deals in the Tablet world

Coming back to the point,Apple has so far released two versions of its original iPad,both of which,according to me,are out of reach of the lower middle class family.So,if you fall in that section,Android is the tablet OS to look for.It will provide you manifolds choice + flexibility in the price tags.BTW,you must look for a device running the latest android version 4.0 viz. Ice Cream Sandwich.So,here we present you some of the best value for money Android Tablets in the market.

  • Micromax FunBook:
Micromax Funbook was officially launched on 3rd April,exactly one week before today.And within this short period,it has garnered countless eyeballs due to its pocket soothing price tag of $127 or nearly 6,499 INR.And it doesn't seemed to have compromised with the quality of the product to lower the price.Racing on a blazing fast 1.2 GHz processor with a 7 inch capacitive screen of a decent resolution of 800x480,it promises to be a crowd puller.It also features a usb port for attaching dongles etc. thus providing good connectivity options.And it runs on the latest Ice cream sandwich.For detailed specs,see the snapshot below:

  • HCL Me Tab U1:Tagged at a bit higher price of $160 or INR 7,999,it runs on a 1 GHz processor with a similar 7 inch capacitive touch screen,a front camera of 0.3 megapixels and is aiming Indian students with the educational content provided with the tablet.It is running Android version 4.0.3 and thus is similarly placed in terms of OS.

Zync Z-990:Zync,an Indian company with its centres in Noida,recently launched a tablet powered by a 1.2 GHz processor and a 5 point multitouch 7 inch capacitive touch screen,I GB of ram and wi-fi and 2G as connectivity options and also has USB 2.0 support.Coming to price,it is available at $180 or 8,999 INR at various online shopping portals like and

So,Guys that's all for now,I will keep you updated with the latest happening in the Android and other gadgets' world.
Leave a comment below to share your opinion,and also to tell others whiich one of the above tablets did you like the most.