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Watch Live Cricket Matches on your Android smartphone

Guys,IPL season is up and running and like everyone else,you too will not like to miss any precious moment of your favourite side's match,right?

[Update: IPL has passed,but you can for sure use the below methods to watch ipl matches,to view any other cricket matches live on your smartphone device. ]

Here's how you can enjoy live IPL matches on your android devices:

There will be two cases:

  • Your phone supports flash:

[Update: This app won't work for viwing other Cricket matches now that IPL is over,so use method 2 for viewing all matches ]

If you're sure your device supports adobe Flash,then go to the below link:

Click here to download the app from Google Play.

The above link will take you to an application which will stream the live matches on your device.Make sure the internet connection you've have is either unlimited data pack or has enough data usage left as video streaming is a data extensive work.

  • Your phone doesn't support flash:

    This one is the recommended procedure because the data used in this method is upto 75% less than the above method,also the video streaming is more likely to have lower buffering times,thus enhancing your experience.Also,it works better evn if your internet connection is a bit slow one,like mine :( So,the method is: Download Skyfire browser from the below link (there is a free gift for you inside the zip :),No,it's not a virus)(the latest version),and install it on your device.Unzip on your phone using root explorer or use your PC,and then install the applications seperately. Click Here to download the file,you will have to wait for 5 seconds,then press skip ad.
You will support me this way. Make sure you've enabled installation of application from other sources in your phone's settings. Open the browser,and go to the address: Press the menu button on your device and click on a video popup(somewhat like that) and your streaming will begin soon. Have a good day.Enjoy the Live Cricketing Action :)