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Receive email alerts on any mobile via SMS for free

How to receive emails on any Mobile via SMS for Free

Email alerts on my phone
You can get email alerts on your mobile phone via sms for free using Email forwarding option provided by most email providers alongside with services like or

If you're not always connected to the internet and receive some important emails which needs to be read urgently,then this tip can be a bane for you,especially when you don't need to shell out a penny.And the best point of all,it works offline too :)

Yes,you can get email alerts for every single email you receive for free by utilising the email forwarding option available in most email services (like gmail,yahoo mail,windows live mail etc.) in combination with email alert service provided by and
Read on to know how :)

All you need to do is go to (which I'm personally using) or,and register with your phone number.Then,select the email alert option on their homepage,and they will guide you through the rest of the process which basically includes going to your email settings and forwarding your emails to the email address site2sms/way2sms provided you.You will receive a verification email there,just copy the verification code on the email settings page and you are done.

You can customise the alerts:Turn off email alerts from specific email addresses or turning off the alerts during a specific time interval (like while sleeping or when you're generally connected to the internet.)

Note: Email alerts may be hindered if you have activated DND on your phone number.Site2sms offers a workaround to you,you just have to dial a specific number(01146203203) and you will receive all alerts without any problem.

Leave your comments below if you are facing any problems during the process. Happy 2 help :)