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How to increase Internal Memory and RAM of any Android

Yes,You've heard it right. No need to delete any of your existing favourite apps to carve out space for a new one. No running out of memory issues.
All you need to have is:
A sd card of sufficient capacity (preferably,class 4 or higher), a rooted smartphone (For more about rooting,see this), a sd card reader, a windows PC, an internet connection for downloading a few softwares, this guide and some patience :)
P.S. If you have got an ICS/ Jelly Bean android device, see this rooting guide. If you have got Android 2.3 aka gingerbread or below, read this rooting guide.

Note: To all those asking if this method will work on XYZ phone: The method I am describing below is a generic method and supposed to be working on all devices. Internal memory increasing stuff should work on every Android device while extending RAM depends on whether your ROM supports swapping or not, a method to check that is given in the post. Most stock ROMs (those that comes pre-loaded on a phone) don't usually support swapping.

Final Snapshot of the wizard after partitioning.

First of all,you have to partition your sd card.To do this:

  • Download Mini tool Partition Wizard from here.
  • Install the application on your windows PC and connect your sd card to the pc via a card reader.Your pc and the wizard will detect the sd card.
  • In the Mini Tool partition wizard,right click on your sd card and select delete.Note: Make sure you have backed up all the contents on your pc,as the sd card will be formatted during the process.
  • Now,you will have whole of the space on your sd card as unallocated.Right click on it and select create.
  • A popup will open,in that box,select the partition as primary,file system as FAT (if your sd card is below 4GB) or FAT32 (if your sd card is more than 4GB).
  • Leave about 512 MB or more space for the next partition.
  • Select done and right click on the unallocated space and again click create.This time too,select Primary but change the file system to Ext2,Ext3 or Ext4 (Ext2 is recommended as most ROMs work fine with it)
  • Click apply changes and the process will take a few minutes, let it complete.
After the partitioning process is done, install Link2sd from Google Play or download and install the apk from here.
On the first launch, it will ask for root permissions and then, it will ask you the file system of the ext partition, choose the option according to what you choose in the partitioning steps. Sort the apps according to size and start linking them and congrats, your phone memory is being freed.
Thus ,the new internal memory of your device = Your phone's default internal memory + Size of the ext partition you created above.
Benefits of it over the normal apps 2 sd feature is, even when you turn USB storage on, all the apps on your sd will keep working and so will be the widgets. And also, when you move apps to sd card normally, some part of the app is still on the phone memory. Linking the apps moves the full app to the sd card.
Now, the second part: Increasing your RAM.
Download Swapper for Root from Google play and select the amount of RAM you want to increase, let the application create the .swp file and voila, you're done.
Enjoy your superfast phone with loads of apps !!!
Note: Your ROM needs to support both these functions.Google your ROM name with "a2sd support" or "swap support" our something similar for more info specific to your ROM. Download swap check to see if your ROM supports swapping.
You might receive an error on your Android phone saying damaged sd card on your phone, repartitioning might solve that problem.
For further assistance, your comments are always welcomed. Post them below, I shall reply them as humanly fast as possible.