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How to Root ANY Android Device

Hello Folks! I'm here with another useful how-to guide.

This is a follow-up article to my previous article rooting your Android device which cleared your doubts regarding why you should/shouldn't root that expensive little things that runs on the Android OS.As promised then,I am here with this article.

I'm pretty sure with one thing: All those who don't want to root their phone have any one of the reasons below backing them

  • The lack of an easy-to-follow guide
  • The risk of bricking the device
  • They consider themselves Noob
  • The warranty of the device is voided
The first thing I'm going to do is make these reasons BACK OFF!
About a year ago,I bought my first Android (and the first smartphone in my family) and though I had done a bit of research before buying the phone about the benefits of rooting stuff.And I rooted it the SECOND DAY I had bought it!!! Although,rooting in my case just required the installation of an app,as I'll explain later.But still this should be enough to remove reason no.3
The availability of unroot options deals with the second one.This guide below shall deal with reason no. 1 & 2 :)

Keep this thing in mind before reading the guide below that rooting process varies with Android version installed on devices and also from device to device.So,the steps below won't work on all devices,the title should be replaced with almost all devices.But don't feel cheated,if you are facing any problems rooting your device,leave a comment below,and I shall help you every possible way I can.

Let's begin with devices running Android 2.2 or below:
These are the easiest ones to root in most cases because of the primitive version of Android os running on them.
Z4Root:Before rooting (Left),After rooting (Right)
  1. Download z4root. (You will find the download link at the end of the first post in the attachments section)
  2. Paste the file anywhere on your sd card,just make sure you remember where you have pasted it :P
  3. Go to App drawer>Settings>Applications and make sure the box saying Unknown Sources is checked. (This basically means you're allowing the device to install applications from outside the market)
  4. Install the market using any file explorer like ES File Explorer/Astro File Manager(duh)
  5. Open the app (obviously) and click on the Permanent Root option.Note one thing here: Don't be tempted by the temporary root option,it made my device stuck in bootloop,though it may be specific to my device only.But it's surely not recommended as I found several other instances of this problem (I'll be writing a post on this soon).If you somehow get stuck in bootloop,drop a comment.
  6. Open your fridge and get yourself a drink.When you're busy in the drink,in the meanwhile,phone will restart and...
Now,Lets' move on to Gingerbread aka Android 2.3 devices:
As Gingerbread started rolling out,Z4Root stopped working and the development on it,too
So,A new app called Gingerbreak was developed by some genius minds at XDA developers.Let's start with the process:
  1. Download the GingerBreak app (Again,the download link is in the attachments section)
  2. Perform the steps no. 2-4 above.
  3. Select the Root option.(I haven't tried this app,because I don't own a gingerbread device:But it must be a one click root like Z4Root
  4. Done
If none of the above apps work,try Super One Click .It works nicely with Motorola devices which fail to obtain root access via z4root/gingerbreak.One thing though,it needs you to have ADB set up and working on your computer (I shall be writing on this too).
Update 1: Here's the how to set up adb and fastboot.

A recently launched app called unrevoked allows you to root HTC devices which generally cause a lot of pain while rooting. Unrevoked works on EVO 4G,Hero,Wildfire,Aria,Desire and Droid Incredible.

If you're one of the few lucky guys having ICS devices (3 out of 100 devices currently run on ICS),then you will not be that lucky rooting it,because rooting an ICS device is far more tricky than rooting other devices.And I can't and won't be writing an how to root ICS guide here,because,as far as my knowledge goes,root methods differ with every ICS device and no tool has been made so far to cover all devices at once unlike z4root/gingerbread.
You can find some good device specific How-to root guides at Androidauthority,see the rooting secton at the bottom of any page on the site.
Update 2: A new tool called root by bin4ry can root almost all ICS/ Jelly Bean devices.

Or just search for "How to root device_name" or "rooting device_name" on Google and voila,you will be welcomed by lots of them.
Still If you're too lazy to find one,post a comment below with the device name and I shall do it for you.(I'm so kind,Right?)

That's all for now.Will be back here after I have generated something good and useful enough for my loyal readers out there.
Remember,feel free to drop a comment if you are facing a problem,you don't even need to login to do this.

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