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Create your own font; Add a personal touch to everything

Having a look at a Facebook Page named " I don't have a bad handwriting, I have my own font", I decided to create my own font, obviously, using my own handwriting!
Myscriptfont allows you to create font with your handwriting for free.
Google was my friend as always, and below is how I was able to get my own font in the universally accepted ttf (TrueTypeFont) format.

A font in your handwriting helps you to have a personal feel attached to whatever you type. What's more, if you own an Android device and have got it rooted, then you can replace the default boring font with your own font and everything on your smartphone will be written by you! I shall discuss that part later in the post.
To start off,you will need:
A printer + Scanner OR An image editor (something even as basic as Paint will do fine), Internet connection (duh,you're here makes sure you have one,ryt?), Root permissions on your Android
1.] Go to and download their template.

2.] (a) If you have got a printer and scanner:
Print the pdf file you just downloaded.
Fill the boxes in your own handwriting with preferably a black pen
Scan the file at 300 dpi and upload the file at my
Keep the font format asked at the site to truetypefont.
Download your customized font.

(b) If you don't have printer and scanner (like me):
Convert the pdf file to jpg format by uploading it at (Or skip all the above steps and directly download this converted file, edit it and upload it)
Fill out the form using any photo editing software.
Save the file and upload it back to
Download your font and install on your PC. Select the font in wordpad and type a letter in your own handwriting!
Follow the below steps only if you have got a rooted Android phone and want to install your font on that.

3.] Transfer the .ttf file to your phone's sdcard and download Font Changer from the market.
4.] Move the .ttf file to /sdcard/.fontchanger because it is the location where font changer searches for fonts by default.

5.] Click on apply and reboot your device.You will be welcomed in your own handwriting.

You can download my handwritten font here,if you want to test the output but caution: My handwriting is really poor,lol.