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The 7 Benefits of Mobile Telemetry That Your Company Is Missing Out On

Telemetry monitoring can give your organization the ability to get data from remote locations. Companies that offer telemetry solutions specialize in a variety of applications to collect a wide array of environmental data. Through use of latest advanced technology, your organization can have access to accurate data that is useful for formulating company decisions.
Below are some of the benefits of telemetry to your organization:

1.  Dependability
Telemetry employs the use of signals to send information and to transmit data from far-off distances. It is a better and less pricey alternative to placing cables, which tends to be costly and also susceptible to sabotage. More so, the process of installing data telemetry infrastructure is easier than the process of laying cables.
As it’s more difficult to sabotage the integrity of telemetry infrastructure, using telemetry is a more reliable way for your organization to monitor signals. The tendency of data telemetry to be economic and adaptable to a variety of equipment also makes it a more dependable option for your company.
2.     Adaptability
There is no limit to the number of ways that you can use telemetry. It also works faster thereby preventing network downtime. Telemetry also requires lesser maintenance.
3. Enhanced productivity
With telemetry, you will experience lowered costs of running business. You can also connect mobile equipment, which increases productivity as your staff can work from anywhere.
Mobile telemetry also creates better working conditions for your staff members, as they will not need to venture into work zones that can be potentially hazardous. Instead, they can monitor high-pressure, high-radiation, high-temperature projects from a safe distance.
4.  Lower costs of operations
Since you can take measurements and monitor conditions such as temperature, humidity or pressure without being physically on site, your organization will experience lower costs of operations. Without mobile telemetry, you would have to incur logistical costs to and from work sites, which will also mean your transportation equipment will need more maintenance.
5. Guarantee
You can have a real time view of what is happening at work sites 24/7. This gives you the reassurance that all is proceeding according to schedule and that your investment is not at risk.
In case problems arise, such as drastic temperature changes, you will receive immediate alerts. 
6.  Automation
Telemetry will automate your data collection processes. Collecting measurements manually involves tedious logistical processes and also takes a large amount of time. If you are environmentally conscious, you can consider this a win because with automation, comes less travel and lesser travel means lesser consumption of fuel.
Automation also increases the speed of service delivery and execution.

7.  Focus on other parts of business
Since you will free up a lot of time by automating, you can find other creative ways to use this time, including ways to make your company grow and to be more productive. You will also be able to streamline your work force which will create cost savings. 

Bottom line
Companies are operating in a competitive environment where cost saving, efficiency and high productivity are essential to survive. Telemetry offers you a perfect solution to succeed in such an environment.

About the author
Dennis Wholi is an inventor who commits most of his time to the advancement of mobile telemetry. Read his views on his blog to learn how your business can benefit from use of telemetry.