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All Play Store/Market problems solved

Google Play Store, earlier known as Market, is an awesome collection of all the awesome apps available for the awesome operating system called Android. The app is an eye candy and the apps are categorized in an easy-to-use way. If you've got an Android for some time, then you would have come across with at least one of the following problems:

  • Download doesn't start.
  • The app is too slow.
  • All apps are not listed.
  • Apps which work fine on your device are listed as incompatible.
  • Apps don't appear in your device due to country restrictions.
  • Market is not updating.

Solution 1. Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications, go to the "All" tab and find Play Store or Market. Press the Clear Cache button and open Play store, if your problem is still not resolved, repeat the above steps and select the clear data option.
This solution would theoretically solve problem 1 & 2 above. 

Solution 2. If you notice that problems started creeping up since the Play Store app last updated itself, then find Play store in manage applications as you did in above stop and press the "Uninstall Updates" option. Uninstalling updates and then running the app and leaving it in the background might also cause it to update again, so that will solve problem #6. This one might also help you in problem #1 and #2.

Solution 3. If all apps are not listed in the Play Store, even some as common as Opera Mobile or Flipboard, then it might be that your phone is running on a weird LCD density.

  • Clear Data of Play Store as explained in Solution 1.
  • Change that to MDPI 160 for now using LCD Density Modder
  • Reboot your device.
  • Go to market and accept terms when prompted.
  • Change the LCD density again to the default value or any new value you like and reboot the device.
This solution should work for problem #3 & #4.

Solution 4. If some apps are not showing up on your device due to country restrictions, then use market enabler to enable all those apps. Read the instructions in that app to know how to get it to work.

One of the above solutions or a combination of them will most probably solve all of the common problems faced by people. Hope this post helps everyone who reads it and needs it!