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Proximity Problem in Spice Mi 425 Solved

Hi friends!
Remember the Spice Mi 425 that was launched a few months back?

No, the ICS update isn't out yet sadly. I'm writing about the update because I'm literally flooded by the emails asking if the update has been launched. I've heard somewhere that it will be released when the already delayed Stellar Horizon aka Spice Mi 500 gets available in this market.
I found a lot of people complaining on the forums that their phone's display doesn't turn on once it is turned off by the buggy proximity sensor, resulting in a "hang", sometimes their call doesn't even disconnect leading to running bills.The temporary workaround to get the screen flow is to get the battery out and then insert it again. This is really annoying and time consuming.
Here is the permanent workaround:
1. Open your dialer.
2. Call *#36#.
3. In the list of hardwares that pops up, click on proximity sensor.
4. Tap on the Chinese character to reset the sensor.
5. Congrats, try calling someone to confirm it works.
Thanks to our dear reader Capt. Shailendra Rana for bringing this to my notice and to confirm it's working.
Prasad12ka4 posted this on xda.
Will be back soon with another interesting post.