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Opera Mini updates to 7.5 on Android; comes with "Smart Page"

"Smart Page" on the updated Opera Mini 7.5 for Android

You can call the Opera team for Android a lazy bunch, given the time intervals between updates of the browser. But we shouldn't be blaming them actually, given the ludicrous number of mobile platforms they support, it takes so much to release new functionalities 

Whenever my Play Store notifies me of pending updates, the name I look for in the list is Opera Mini, because it is my default browser, given the unbelievable browsing speed, and I always want it to be more improved.

Social Updates on
"Smart Page"
Suggested Links based on
User's Country

Talking about the update, Opera mini now offers the smart home page, a feature which was released on feature phones many months ago. The home page now consists of two tabs: The usual speed dial tab, which allows you to have infinite (haven't tested if that's true) shortcuts on your home screen, and the Home tab, which updates you with posts from your social life and comes loaded with many other useful links and a few advertisements.

Turning "Smart Page" off
The Home tab acts smart and over time it magically lists the websites you visit the most under the my sites section.
If you don't find this page useful or just don't like the idea, this cool functionality can be turned off by digging into Settings > Advanced > Home Page.
And I don't think I need to share the fact that Opera Mini saves you a hell lot of data and is the speediest browser present on mobile (They claim that, and I, as a user, confirm that).
What about you? Have you updated your Android's Opera Mini? Get the latest Opera Mini from play store or directly download the apk by searching on Google. Did you find the update nice out is it just adding clutter? Share your views below.