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My Gesture lets you draw cool gestures to do stuffs

My Gesture is a really cool application for Android smartphones that looks even cooler when you use it in front of your friends. 

The idea behind the app is pretty simple: you create gestures and assigns them some function so that whenever you draw that gesture on your screen, the corresponding function is launched. My Gestures let's you draw, edit and assign gestures for various functions. The app needs to be accessed quickly, and gives the option to do so by tapping an optional button which is always present on the screen (the transparency of which can be adjusted too) or by long pressing the search button (the option that I use). 

New gestures can be created by pressing the Create Gesture Burton on the Home screen of the app. The functions you can assign to any feature ranges from toggling your Bluetooth and wifi to calling your granny by just a swipe on the screen. Shortcuts to applications, your email accounts and directly opening an Internet URL can also be performed by just a sweet little gesture on the screen. The gestures can include multiple strokes, for that the gesture delay prob needs to be set up. I have attached a screenshot which shows the features I'm using presently.

The gestures offer a fair amount of leniency when you're re-drawing them i.e. you don't have to be exactly perfect when you draw the gesture again. The only thing I didn't like about the app was the repeated requests it made for rating the app on the play store. 

If you can bear with that, grab the app for free from Play Store here, the paid version is available here.