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Volume Control + controls volume on Android smartly

Managing the volume on Android is a bit complicated. The volume up and down keys work only to increase or decrease the ringer volume, or the media volume if any media is playing. You have to dig around various settings to play with other sounds (like alarm volume, notification volume etc.) on your device.

Last Friday, when I was sitting in my Manufacturing Processes class, my phone shouted out a siren tone. Imagine the embarassment I had to face in that silent class. Thank God, the teacher didn't throw me out of the class. My phone was already silent at that time and the sound came out due to an alarm. That's when I felt the need of the app I'm writing about now.

Volume Control + app comes in both free and paid version, though I found the free version fairly feature stuffed. The app is vastly customizable, with an option to toggle between 6 colors and between three control types. The volume can be controlled using classic dials, seek bar or through +, - buttons. I found the seek bar easiest to use, because it is already used in various default screens in the Android operating system (like in the screen in which you adjust the brightness). The various modes can be previewed in the screenshots I'm attaching.No matter which control type you are using, three buttons are always present on the screen which allows you to switch to silent, vibration and loud with a single tap.

Moving from the UI to the features beneath, one of the most advertised feature in the app is the Lock Volume option which, well, "locks" the volume on your device. This option makes sure that the ringer volume doesn't increase or decrease due to accidental keypresses once you have selected some volume settings you want in the app, and after pressing the menu key, selecting the lock volume option will do the job for you.
Another feature which isn't that advertised but I found the most useful is the scheduler option. The option does what it says, i.e. schedules the volume based on day and time. For example, I have created a schedule that silents all volumes except voice call during my college time and reverts to the previous settings after my classes are over. My phone looks really smart when it does such things automatically.  :P

Volume Control + Widgets
The settings which can be accessed by pressing the menu button allows you to control some even more advanced settings, like if you want to use the application in the background, or if you would/ wouldn't like to have an icon for the app in your status bar or not.Lastly, you also have the option to add widgets to your home screen. You can select either a 4x1 or a 1x1 widget as per your choice.

All in all this app is a must have if you end up getting embarrassed when your phone rings up an ugly tone when you are in a meeting or a class.
You can download the free Volume Control + from the play store here where it has been downloaded over a million times and has received an outstanding user rating of 4.3
The paid version is available from here.

Snapshots (Clickable):
Seek bar: Control type in
Volume Control +

Settings Screen in Volume Control +
Dials: Control type in
Volume Control +