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How to change the Boot Animation on Android

Coding Lines: Boot Animation
If you are the type of person who easily gets bored with everything that's stock, then you will be quite excited to try this tutorial on your Android phone. I searched for this topic when I got bored of the "ugly" Spice animation. (For those who haven't heard about Spice, it's a device manufacturer based in India which sells rebranded chinese Android phones.)
First things first, you got to be rooted for following this procedure to get a cool new bootanimation onboard when your device boots up.

Changing the Boot Animation:

  • To change the boot animation (which happens to be the easier part of the tutorial), you need to know the location of the boot animation files in your device.
  • The various locations where the files may be present on your device:
  1. /data/local/
  2. /system/customize/resource
  3. /system/media            (This one is the most common.)
  • To check which location your bootanimation files are present in, go to the above locations using root explorer and the location in which you find the file is the one you'll have to replace.
  • Take a backup of the default file by copying it to your sd card. Now, find a new bootanimation file for your device by Googling the term "device_resolution boot animation". Like for my device (Spice Mi 310) which has a screen resolution of 320x480, I shall search the term "320x480 boot animation".
  • The next step is to browse the web to find a boot animation that suits your needs, download it.
  • Copy the file first to your sd card and then to the location you found from above steps.
  • Delete the original file (whose backup you took).
  • Rename the new file to or whatever the default file's name was.
  • Reboot your device to see if the bootanimation is showing up properly.


  • If the file you downloaded requires to be flashed via cwm or recovery (it would be stated on the page from where you download the animation), then boot into recovery using a suitable key combination of your device and select apply zip from sd card. Else, unzip the file and find the file named inside, copy only that file to yuor sd card and proceed as in the upper half.
P.S. If you don't know the screen resolution of your device, google the term "device_name gsmarena" or "device_name specifications". In the detailed specs of your device, you will find out the resolution of your screen.
Here is a good collection of bootanimation for various device. Find more using Google as I have already told above.
If you aren't able to change the boot animation, leave a comment. If a specific file is not working out for you, mention the page you downloaded it from in the comment.