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New Rooting method for Spice Mi 355 Stellar Craze

Rooting and Unrooting the Spice Mi 355

About a week ago, I posted a rooting tutorial for the Spice Mi 355 which included flashing a Karbonn A7 ROM. But as per my readers, and fellow XDA mates, the A7 ROM is quite buggy and screws up the button mapping on the device. So, I'm back with a safer rooting method which roots the Stock ROM and don't require you to flash any new buggy ROM.

Note: If you had followed the previous tutorial and hated the A7 ROM, then go to CWM recovery and restore this backup to go back to the unrooted stock ROM. As you have already flashed the CWM recovery, you can skip most points below. All you need to do is download the tools mentioned in step #3 and then directly jump to step #9 and follow the steps from there on.
Disclaimer: Rooting voids your warranty and may lead to your device getting bricked. 
Here goes the new rooting method for Spice Mi 355:

  1. Download Spice Mi 355 official Drivers
  2. Set up ADB & Fastboot for your device on the PC using the drivers above. The guide I'm linking asks you to install the drivers using PDAnet, skip that step and use the drivers you downloaded in step 1.
  3. Download Mi 355 rooting kit.
  4. Unrar the file you downloaded above.
  5. Go to the folder named S_01 Recovery and double click the file CWM_Recovery.bat
  6. The Command prompt will now ask you to connect your device. Wait!!! You must connect it in fastboot mode. For that, switch off your device and then press Volume up + Power key spontaneously till a green screen shows up on your device. NOW< connect your device to your PC using USB cable.
  7. The taskbar should now show that an ADB device has been connected.
  8. Follow the instructions in the command prompt to flash CWM recovery to your device.
  9. Put Root Installer file on your sd card and flash it via cwm recovery i.e. when the red screen appears on the phone.
  10. To flash via CWM recovery, choose Apply Zip from sdcard and then locate the zip file you copied in the previous step.
  11. Thats' it. Your phone should now boot into a rooted stock ROM.
As you all know, the ICS update for Mi 355 is due to be released very soon, so here goes the unrooting process so that you can take your device to the service center for the official update:
  1. Flash the stock recovery using the StockAndroid3eRecovery.bat as you did while flashing CWM recovery in step 5 to 8 above.
  2. Copy root uninstaller file to your sd card and flash it via CWM recovery (like you flashed root installer above in step 9 to 11 above).
  3. Say bingo, because you have restored your warranty, and your Mi 355 is again unrooted.

Share your views below if you face any trouble in either rooting or unrooting your device. Here is the XDA thread where all the discussions regarding this handset are being done.