Super Status Bar lets you customize your Android's status bar

XDA developer Firezenk is a restless soul. And the reason? He is always working to improve his app "Super Status Bar", which is one of its kind on the entire Android play store. The app lets you customize each and every single element of your status bar. And if your phone is an oldie and is still running froyo or below (like mine), then this app lets you to add toggles to your status bar, a feature I love gingerbread and cyanogen mod for.

You can select the background of the bar. You can select the positioning of various elements like clock, network coverage and battery. To top it all, you don't even need your device to be rooted.(If you were rooted, you wouldn't require an app to do so because you can theme your Android device as per your wish) I don't want to go on with why you should root your phone, so let's get back to the app.

Settings Menu: Super Status Bar
Settings Scrren on the "Super Status Bar"
Rolled down view of the Super Status Bar
A rolled down view of the Super Status Bar

The free version of the app comes stuffed with ads, but as long as it doesn't push ads to my notification bar (and it doesn't),I won't complain. Buying the paid version removes the ads, plus gives you the ability to add widgets to the notification bar. Themes are supported by the paid version only. The app has received a very low rating: A meager 3.1 You ask me why and I'll give you just one reason: the app is not stake and doesn't work as smoothly as it is supposed to. Also the app didn't show actual network state, that maybe the case just on my device but it is a bug. You ask firezenk and he'll tell you the app is still in beta. Nice excuse. I shall pardon him for the regular updates he provides and for the quick replies he makes.

If I were to rate "Super Status Bar", I would have given it 3.5 stars out of 5, 0.5 of which would be awarded for the developer's efforts and for the innovative concept. Check out the free version here. The paid features are activated via in-app purchase. Leave your feedbacks about the app below. Your questions/suggestions about the app can be brought under the developer's notice on the app's xda thread.

The only other alternative which comes close is Status Bar + which is a wp7 styled notification bar for Android, though it doesn't have as much customizability as Super Status Bar has.
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