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How to Root Micromax A52

Micromax A52 was launched back in June, this year. It was a nice balance between specifications and affordability. The A52 boasts of a 1 GHz processor and Bluetooth v3.0, everything else isn't that shiny: be it the measly 2 MP camera or the 240x320 screen with a very low 125 ppi density, that is sure enough to ruin your video watching experience. But given the low end price of INR 5.5k (~$104), all the minus points are forgivable. Simply put, it's another nice value for money Android smartphone by Micromax.

This post is meant to be a rooting tutorial, so instead of reviewing the specs of the device, I guess, it's better to get back to the topic. Before rooting, you might want to know what rooting is? If you don't have enough time to read that post, here's the summary: Rooting let's you do cool stuffs but voids your warranty. The words in Red should be read and understood carefully before you proceed with this tutorial.
This will void your manufacturer's warranty, and any stupidity on your end might lead you to brick your device. So, do everything at your own risk. Don't get terrified by the "brick" part, most of the times your phone will get back to normal. (I shall help you in that.)

Requirements: A Micromax A52, a windows PC/ laptop, USB cable, a52 Root.rarUnlockRoot, MTK.rar, SP Flash Tool, your patience and courage.

  1. Go to Settings > Applications > Development and click enable debugging. (Don't click if the box is already ticked.)
  2. Connect your phone to the PC via USB cable.
  3. Extract the a52 root.rar file. The file contains a modified boot.img and A52 scatter file which will be needed by SP tools.
  4. Install MTK Drivers by double clicking the InstallDriver.exe file in the MTK folder you extracted from MTK.rar file you downloaded above.
  5. Flash the boot.img using the SP tools using this guide.
    Tip: In the guide linked above, recovery is being flashed, you have to flash the boot.img file you got from a52 root.rar
  6. Take-out-and-put-back your phone's battery to perform a reboot.
  7. Install the UnlockRoot tool using the downloader you downloaded from the requirements.
  8. Click on the Root button on the UnlockRoot's home screen.
  9. Next screen will ask you if you want to install drivers, say yes err.. I mean click yes :P
    Click 'Yes'
  10. Your phone will be rooted and finally it will ask if you want to reboot your phone changes to take effect, again, click yes.
  11. Your phone will reboot and Eureka! it's rooted!!!

This method was posted on xda by vshlkmr.
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