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Logging out of Google Accounts without access to PC

If you've been a regular reader, you must be aware that the articles and "how to" guides I post here are influenced by my daily experiences. So, before starting with the tutorial, let me share what happened with me that caused me to find this really lifesaving tip.
I was working on my blog from the internet lab in my college. The lab closes down at 5 p.m., and I forgot about what time it was. The Lab Assistant, or whatever you'd like to call him, shut down all the systems without any warning. I was logged into my Google account and wasn't even able to log out.
A snapshot of

Another similar scenarios can be: You log into your gmail account on your friend's mobile/ laptop and forget to log out OR you are in a cyber cafe and the internet connection gives up, with you still logged in.
Now, let's start with what you need to do if you're ever stuck in such kind of situations:

  1. Get access to any PC/smartphone with internet connection.
  2. Log into your gmail account.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  4. Click on details as shown in the screenshot.
  5. Click on "sign out of all other sessions" to end all your open sessions on any computer other than the one you're presently on.
  6. This will sign you out of all Google accounts (In my case, it logged me out of blogger. (which is a Google account)).

Click on the image to zom it.

If you forgot to log out of any account other than Google, rush towards anything that's connected to internet and change the password of that account asap.

Of all my commodities on the internet, my Gmail account is the most precious to me because it is the key to numerous other accounts and most importantly, my blogger account. Of course, I can recover my account using the recovery options I have enabled (and you should too), but

Share your experiences below. If you find this information useful, share this with your friends so that they can get out of some freaky situations.