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Root any ICS/ Jelly Bean Android with Root by Bin4ry

XDA members are always making news for some great Android developments. This time, it's XDA recognised developer Bin4ry who has created a script which is able to root almost any ICS/ Jelly Bean powered Android device.

According to Bin4ry:
"The script uses a remount timing issue in Android's "adb restore" service. So, it should normally work on all ICS/ JB devices, for some it won't but the idea may work in a slightly modded version."

The list of confirmed devices is extending day by day confirming that the tool really works with lots and lots of Android devices. The list currently includes:
List of Supported Devices (Click to enlarge)

Although the script is scripted for windows, Paul O'Brien from Modaco has run it successfully on his Mac. For an info, the exploit won't work for Android Versions below ICS i.e. Gingerbread and below versions can't be rooted using this script.

To root, you just gotta download the Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v33.7z (mirror) and extract the contents using winzip. Follow what comes up on your screen after you run the RunMe.bat file which looks something like the below snapshot. You need to have adb setup for your device. If you have Sony Xperia device, you need to choose a seperate option from the runme.bat screen.
Runme.bat looks like this (click on the image to zoom)

You can donate to the developer if you're helped by his hard work. If this method roots your Android device, comment below. If it doesn't, comment box is still below this post. :P