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Sign the "KajuKatli for next Android version" campaign

Like the Kolaveri Di, Kaju Katli is making the headlines since the past few days. Google names Android versions based on sweet dishes (till now, all of which have been from US) in an alphabetical order. This time, it's the turn of the letter "K" and all the Indian Android fans have geared up and are joining the campaign to persuade Google to move on from the US dessert names and look at other customer bases around the globe. 

I have already signed the campaign and the thought of having the next Android version being named after an Indain sweet, we all crave for, is causing goosebumps in my stomach.
credits: Pricebaba

Unlike Kolaveri Di, all this fuss seems to make sense. Given India's huge population and the pace with which they're getting more smart (read "buying smartphones"), I guess India have more Android users than any other country in the world has. Indian developers are also rocking the Google Play Store with their rocking apps. So, if India and Android are connected that deeply, there isn't any single reason why Android 4.2 or 5.0, whatever the next version will be, is not named "Kaju Katli."

As the original post says, Indian've grown up eating Jalebi instead of Jelly Bean, Halwa instead of Honeycomb and Idli instead of Eclairs. Come'on Google, pay some heed to the masses, we love you, you should show your love too.

"Key Lime Pie" just doesn't sound as sweet as our "Kaju Katli", don't you agree? Then, what are you waiting for, sign the campaign asap and share this with your friends to give Android an Indian touch. For some number crunching, the campaign has already been signed by over 3600 Android enthusiasts by clicking on the button I gave above or visiting the original post.