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I have Googled 12071 times!

That's true. I have been using the Internet since 2009 (got a bit late in joining the bandwagon) and according to Google, I have used it's search feature 12071 times. Nice stats, right? You can check out yours at Don't forget to share what you got in the comments section below.

If you don't want Google to have a record of what you're searching, you can always opt-out. Visit the opt-out link when you're not signed into your Google account. Also visit Google support page regarding this issue.
As you might know, Google uses your search history to provide customized ads, if you don't want this to happen, remove your web history and pause it. You can also remove individual searches from the recorded history.

As a matter of fact, your search history is recorded only when you're logged into your Google account.
P.S. I love Google more and more each day, Android being the topmost reason and small goodies like the Google History adding to my dependency on Google.
Happy Gandhi Jayanti to all!