Dear Nexus 4, 7 & 10, Welcome to the Nexi family

A pile of Nexi!
Continuing from part one of this two article long series dedicated to the plethora of announcements Google made on 29th October, let’s welcome the three new entries to the already blossoming Nexi family, the new devices being, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 32 GB version with and without 3G support and finally the Big Daddy of all tablets, Nexus 10. All these devices shall be available in the play store from 13th November in U.S., UK, France, Germany, Australia and Canada.

  1. Nexus 10:
    If iPad has Retina Display, What do I have?
      It was in rumours since the past few months because of its magnificent screen, and it has stood up to the expectations the rumours had created in our minds. The Nexus 10 boasts of a never-seen-before 2560x1600 resolution which will surely spill out life like display clarity at 300 pixels per inch density. The tablet comes packed with a battery that will get you through 9 hours of video playback and a hefty standby time of 500 hrs! It’s packed with all other Android 4.2 goodies I have described in part 1. Now, just if Google shows some progress in persuading app developers to bring out more polished apps for tablets, this one is surely going to give a dent in iPad sales. Powered by Samsung’s latest Exynos 5250 Dual Core 1.7 GHz processor and the Mali T604 GPU, it simply knocks off iPad in raw processing power.
      The 16 GB version of Nexus 10 can be yours for $400 while the 32 GB will need you to dig your pockets a bit deeper at $500.

    1. Nexus 7 (32 GB) with 3G/HSPA+ support:
      Nexus 7 (32 GB) with GSM support
        The Nexus 7 has obtained rave reviews from various tech sites and public as well. It has been disappearing off shelves quickly too. Google heard Nexus 7 owners and wanna-be-owners request to increase the internal storage a bit more so that they can store HD videos and movies and everything else in the tablet. So, Google has come out with the 32 GB option. Actually, two new tablets are now sharing the Nexus 7 title, the other one being 32 GB too, but with added HSPA+ support. That means you have one more crucial connectivity option added into it.

        Another reason for you to cheer is that Google has dropped the prices of Nexus 7 16 GB to $199, a price point at which Nexus 7 (8 GB) was selling till a few days back. The 8 GB model is no longer available in the market. The 32 GB model without 3G support can be bought for $249, while the one with 3G support is available for $299. As you can see, you are now getting 16 GB more for the same price. Nice move, Google.

      1. Nexus 4:
        Value for Money: Nexus 4
        Nexus 4 boasts of a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 Quad core processor along with 2 GB of RAM. So, this one is a powerhouse for sure. The 4.7” True HD IPS Plus capacitive screen is one of the best smartphone screens in the present scenario. Other notable features include wireless charging, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, NFC, Bluetooth v3.0, 2100 mAh battery and Corning Gorilla Glass 2. A 8 MP camera is sitting at the back while a 1.3 MP on the front will let you perform video calls. Considerably slim at 9.1 mm, it hosts a bunch of sensors including Barometer, Gyroscope, Ambient Light sensor and GPS.

        The most interesting part , however, is the pricing of this top-end model. The 16 GB (unlocked) model will cost you around $349 while the 8 GB one (unlocked) is even cheaper at $299. Bang for bucks, right? Remember that Galaxy S III having almost similar specs will need you to shell out around  $565. So, the Nexus 4 is around $200 cheaper than its competitor. That seems like Apple vs its competitors, nah?

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