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Exclusive: Spice Mi 500 gets ClockworkMod Recovery; How to Flash Guide

    Spice Mi 500 gets clockworkmod
    Spice Mi 500 Gets ClockworkMod
Spice Mi 500, the dual core processor powered Android phablet, recently got a ported version of the wildly popular custom recovery Clockwork Mod. It has been ported by XDA Member Yuweng. He PM’ed me the links for the custom recoveries he had ported for Spice Mi 500. Yuweng is the same guy who has written a guide on porting CWM to any MT6573/75/77 based device.
This port will surely enable more development for Spice Mi 500, as the developers and users can now take backups and do restores easily. CWM recovery also makes it easy to flash ZIP files. So, it’s a welcome move. The development of this device has been quite steady, it was rooted a while back. For a comparison, none of the Indian Android devices launched at nearly same time haven’t tasted Clockwork Mod yet.

Two recoveries have been ported to the device: Clockwork Mod and TWRP, which is another trending touch-based custom recovery.
Typical ClockworkMod Recovery screen
CWM Recovery looks like
Enough on the benefits of custom recovery, none of them will be visible until you flash it to your device! So, let me help you flash CWM to the Spice Mi 500:
  1. Copy the Clockwork Mod recovery, from where you downloaded it, to the sdcard of your device.
  2. Install Mobile Uncle tools from the Play Store to your device.
  3. In the app, select the option to Update Recovery.
  4. Choose the zip file you copied in step 1.
  5. It will ask for a confirmation if you want to flash the recovery, select yes.
  6. That’s it! CWM has been flashed to your device.
If you want to flash TWRP recovery, all the steps remain the same, except the first one, where you will copy TWRP recovery zip file instead of CWM zip file.
Thanks to yuweng for porting the Recovery and also to NileshTambe for confirming that it works!
Say anything you want to, in the comment section below. Just keep it PG-13. :P
You can also join the development of Spice Mi 500 in the XDA thread I have started for it. Peace!