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[Fix] Use your sdcard for apps and data storage:Xperia Go, Sola and Miro

XDA member Nosmaster has released a fix for an annoying little problem in the Sony Xperia series of Android smartphone. All the apps and their data are stored in the internal sdcard of the device, which is generally upto 4 GB. This becomes a real headache when you are a fan of HD games with sizes in gigabytes, and you end up filling that internal sdcard in no time.

The fix changes some values in a file named vold.fstab which allows the apps and their data to be stored in the external sdcard, which, in most devices, can be of sizes upto 32 GB, providing you a significant breathing space.

If you are having Xperia Go, Xperia Sola or Xperia Miro, then have a go at the little tutorial below. Before starting off, take a Nandroid backup of your device and backup all your apps data to be safe.

  • Root your device. (If the fix is not enough of a reason for you to root your device, see the full list of awesome things you can do after rooting your device.)
  • Install any File Browser with root permissions (we recommend Root Explorer).
  • Go to this folder: /system/etc
  • A file named vold.fstab must be present there. Rename that file to vold.fstab.bak (or take a backup of this file in your sdcard.)
  • Download the file specific to your device:
  • Extract the zip file and copy the vold.fstab file to the same path at which you renamed the file i.e. to /system/etc
  • Reboot your device.
  • Restore your apps' data.
You have successfully got rid of the silly little annoyance. Enjoy your increased storage. If you have any other Android device and face the exact same problem, drop a PM to Nosmaster with your vold.fstab to get a modded (and fixed) version.