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How to Root Karbonn A11 and Karbonn A9+

Karbonn A9+ is a mid end Android smartphone which has been in the market for quite a while now. Karbonn A11 is another one of the recently launched android phones by Karbonn and drastically matches the specs of its sister devices like Karbonn A9+ and Karbonn A21. The only difference I can find is the dual core processor in A21 and A9+, while A11 still carrying a 1 GHz processor. The A11 runs on Android 4.0, comes with a 4" capacitive touch screen along with a 1 GHz processor. This rooting guide is meant for Karbonn A9+ and Karbonn A11 as well.

The Karbonn A11 and A9+ can be rooted easily using Micromax A110's rooting method. Still, I have made this post separately so that I can handle the comments in a better way. None of the phones in the Karbonn series have been able to garner the amount of developer's attention that phones like MMX A110 and Spice Mi 500 have attained. Consequently it's been quite a long time since these Karbonn mobiles have been launched but there is no proper rooting guides available for them.

If you are a newbie, you are advised to read more about rooting. Before you proceed with this guide, you agree that:
You and only you are responsible for damaging your device by following anything given here (or anywhere). You can't blame anyone. And lastly, it's my duty to remind you: Rooting voids your warranty.

This method has been confirmed working by Dr. Himanshu Parashar (via email) for Karbonn A11, while it has been tested working on A9+ by a person who doesn't want to be named. Thanks to both of them for making this guide possible.

Step by Step guide to Root Karbonn A9+ and Karbonn A11

Requirements: A windows PC/ Laptop, USB Cable, Internet connection, good amount of battery before proceeding (to make sure the phone doesn't give up during the process.)

  1. Toggle USB debugging to On. The option to do this is available in Settings >> Development >> USB Debugging.
  2. Download Root By Bin4ry tool (or from here).
  3. Install drivers for your device using Pdanet for windows.
  4. Connect your device to your computer/ laptop using a USB cable.
  5. Unzip the file you have just downloaded.
  6. In the unzipped folder, locate a file named "RunMe.bat". Double click this file.
    Run Runme.bat file
  7. In the command prompt window that just opened, press 1 (i.e. Device type = Normal) when it asks for device type.
  8. After a while, you will be asked to press restore on your device. This action will reboot your device.
  9. After the reboot, the command window will copy some important files to your phone. You don't have to do anything unless it says operation has successfully completed (or anything equivalent to this :P).
  10. Disconnect your device and reboot.
  11. Try any app that requires root. Learn some awesome things you can do once you have rooted your device perfectly.
Thanks to the xda great Bin4ry for providing this tool, which has rooted a lot of phones running on ICS and Jelly Bean. Btw, as Pdanet install drivers for every phone, the rooting guide is exactly identical for both these devices. Here is my xda thread for Karbonn A9+ and here is the same for Karbonn A11. Join the developers over there, and pour your feedback, problems, and everything else in the comments section below.

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