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Spice Mi 355 gets unofficial ICS update

Spice Mi 355 aka Stellar Craze has received an unofficial update to Android 4.0, thanks to the guys over at xda. The ICS port for this device was found lurking in some chinese forums. The port was for the original chinese version of the Mi 355 and was customized and tweaked for Indian users by prasad12ka4 and souravmohuri.

The Broken Promise:
Although Spice had made a promise for an ICS update to this phone at the time of launch, no news of that has come till now. So, the guys at xda took the matters in their hands.

Guides to upgrade:
Rjunraj, another xda member has uploaded a video on youtube explaining the process. Watch the video here. Souravmohuri has wrote a pretty long text guide here. Pull up your sleeves, and try to get through the long piece of information and pray to God that you're able to pull through.

Everything except Camera is working in the current port.

Current Development Status:
An which can be directly flashed via cm to upgrade to ICS is currently in progress. When it completes, it will be a lot easier to upgrade.


If you are anxious to taste Ice Cream Sandwich on your device and can live without the camera, go for it! Otherwise, it's not for you. If you have decided to proceed, root your Spice Mi 355 first. All the development regarding the Spice Mi 355 is going on here.
Happy Diwali!
Thanks to rjunraj for helping me on this story.