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How to root Karbonn A7+

Karbonn A7+ is a nice budget phone and is certainly a good choice for anyone who is looking for an Android smartphone below INR 7k. Karbonn is trying to spread its roots deeper in the country with the recent launches it made in the lower mid end of the Android smartphone amrket with devices such as Karbonn A1+, Karbonn A7+, Karbonn A11 etc. Still, as of now, people find it difficult to trust Karbonn as a brand name, let's hope that the situation changes with improved customer support from Karbonn in the upcoming days. Back to the topic, this step by step guide shall help you to root your Android powered Karbonn A7+.

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Before you proceed ahead in this post, be aware that Rooting will void your manufacturer's warranty (which may or may not be restored by unrooting later on). And you can't blame anyone for harming your device while following this guide.

Guide to Root Karbonn A7+:

  1. Download this rooting kit from mediafire. It's nearly 1 megabyte in size.
  2. Unzip the above file using suitable utility on either your PC or the phone itself.
  3. Inside the extracted folder, you will find two zip files: is for rooting your device while file is for unrooting it (duh).
  4. Transfer the file to your sdcard.
  5. Power off your device.
  6. Once it is switched off, press Power + Volume Up button simultaneously until a red screen appears.
  7. Using volume up and down keys on your mobile, scroll to the option named "Apply update from sdcard".
  8. Browse through folders to select the file you copied in step 4.
  9. The stock recovery (that's what the red screen is actually called) will flash the on your device.
  10. After the process completes, select Reboot Now to reboot into a rooted phone.
Now you can enjoy all the perks of rooting I've mentioned above. This guide was written by sinnerz2000 on xda forums. Your comments and problems are welcomed both here and in the xda thread too.