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GPS Fix for Micromax A110 enables Faster Lock

A screenshot from
the GPS Test app
Micromax A110 has been wildly popular these days and the device's avilability status on most online stores is changing to sold out. Seems like, they under estimated the number of devices they would be able to sell, lol. The phone is also enjoying an active community support at xda forums, with users reporting the issues they're facing, and other users coming up to solve them!

One such problem many users were reporting was that it was taking a crazy lot of time to get a gps lock on the device. For starters, GPS Lock is attained when your location is shown on your device using GPS. A small edit in a file named gps.config enables users to get found on the maps a lot faster. Vijeta Verma, a xda member, found the fix thanks to a fix made by crypted, another xda member, for HTC Desire S. The fix has been reported working by a lot of Micromax A110 users.

GPS Fix for Micromax A110:

  1. You need to have a rooted Micromax A110.
  2. Download the modified GPS.config file from mediafire or devhost.
  3. Browse to /system/etc using root explorer and mount the system as read/write using the button present on the top right of the screen.
  4. A file named gps.conf will be present in that folder. Rename that file to gps.conf.bak, it will act as a backup for the original file.
  5. Unzip the file you downloaded in step 3, and copy the gps.conf file to /system/etc.
  6. Reboot your A110.
  7. Download GPS Test from play store and test your GPS now. (Activate your GPS first.)
You should notice an improvement in the time it takes now to get GPS lock. Join the ever growing development thread for Micromax A110. Follow us to get frequent (and useful) updates.