Install Clockworkmod Recovery on Micromax A56

Sorry for posting something after quite a long time. The problem was that our college's internet lab was closed for the past few days and I don't have a laptop at my hostel room.

Micromax A56 users must remember that I promised them that the news about Clockworkmod Recovery on the A21 shall be published on this blog, as soon as that happens. XDA Senior Member Eklovya has ported a working clockworkmod recovery for Micromax A56. Btw, Micromax A56 is a mid-end device that runs on a mighty dual core processor but gives you a punch on the face with the limited amount of user available RAM that limits the user to utilize the CPU.

Back to the clockworkmod recovery news. Clockworkmod Recovery is a custom recovery which boasts of many useful features as compared to the stock recovery that comes factory fitted. If you want to get some more detailed info about what cwm is, read what cwm is!
Be cautioned that you're at your own risk by following this guide.

How to Install Clockworkmod Recovery on Micromax A56

  1. Download the clockworkmod installation kit.
  2. Extract it in your PC using Winzip/Winrar.
    Extracted folder looks like this
  3. Install the drivers for your Micromax Device using padnet.
  4. In the extracted folder, you will find a file named CWM_Recovery.bat, run the batch file.
  5. Follow the on screen instructions to get a nicely working clockworkmod recovery on your device.
    The Batch file will open this command prompt
Bugs in the ported recovery:
There isn't any UI, though everything still works fine.

Comment below if anything doesn't go as planned. I shall try my best to help you out :)

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