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How to know if your phone is successfully rooted

I am encountered by this question a thousand times in the how to root guides I publish. It’s exactly natural for those who haven’t had a rooted phone to judge if the rooting method has worked for their phone or not. I decided to write a  quick guide to help you people confirm that your phone is indeed rooted by trying out one of the following things:
Note: I have tried to sound as basic as possible. I know you are more intelligent than I am guessing :)

4 Tests to check if your phone is rooted:

  1. Using any launcher of your wish, open the app drawer on your phone. If you spot any app named superuser there, chances are your phone is rooted. This isn’t a surety test though. It’s possible that your phone is rooted but the superuser app wasn’t installed successfully. So, if the app isn’t present even after the rooting process completed, install it manually from play store. Search the Play Store for “Superuser” and install the app.
    Note: Some phones come pre-rooted and just installing Superuser from play store is enough to get working root permissions on the device.
  2. Download any app that requires root. Any free app would do fine. Search for “root app” on play store and install any one. Open the app and if a popup appears asking you if you want to give superuser permissions to that app, then congrats, you are rooted. Apps like Root Checker do the same, they just raise ask for Superuser permissions and if the pop-up appears and you give it the permissions, then the app shows rooted.
  3. Using any file manager capable of root exploring, browse to /data in your phone. If you can see the contents of that folder, you are most probably rooted.
  4. This popup is a confirmation that your device is rooted
  5. If you still feel that you didn’t feel any change in your phone after rooting, and aren’t sinking into the “I’m Rooted!!!” feeling, then try out some of the coolest things to do once you root your phone. Believe me, once you start off tweaking system files, you will feel (kinda) proud of yourself for transforming the device into what you desire.
    Note: These steps can also be used to check if your device is unrooted, if you wanted to unroot it. 
I believe that these 4 steps are enough for you to make sure if your device is rooted or not. I guess you are now sure whether your attempt at rooting was successful or not. Get a broader look at What Rooting is, and reading ‘the more than thirty 30 awesome things that you can do on a rooted Android device’ article would also make a lot of sense..