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XDA Forum Adds 'Most Thanked' Button To Profiles

XDA-Developers is my, I should rather say everyone's, go-to site for anything related to Android development. Don't know why but the XDA forums mean a lot more to me. May be it's the fact that half of the little knowledge I've about Android is because of xda (The other half came from the large amounts of time I spend on my phone). I can afford losing my Facebook account but it would certainly hurt me more if I'm deprived of my xda account. The update is, a 'Most Thanked' button has been added to every user's profile on xda, so as to make it easier to find helpful posts by a user. There was already an option which let you see all of the thanked posts by a user but that wasn't of much use given the amount of thanks users like 'Chainfire' and 'Mike1986' generate. Read the full article below to know why I am writing this article over such a small addition to XDA.

About a month ago, 11th December to be precise, I sent a private message to XDA Forum administrator MikeChannon suggesting a 'Most Thanked' button for all users' profile to make it easy for everyone to sort out the posts by that user which have (apparently) helped a lot of people. And I found this suggestion to be implemented yesterday when I was surfing around the forums.

It wasn't too long back when XDA announced the launch of Most Thanked widget for threads which let users find the most helpful posts in that thread.

The moral of the story is, if you have an idea/suggestion which can further increase the usefulness/ease of using the XDA forums, don't forget to echo it by using the suggestion page on the forums. What do you think about XDA? Share your views in the comments section below.