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How to improve Jelly Bean Camera quality on Micromax A110

Micromax A110 is one of the most popular (in fact, not one of, it is *the most popular*) phone on this blog. So, I get a lot of feedback from my readers about the phone. One of the recent and important updates of this phone included the unofficial Jelly Bean update which the phone received just around a week ago. The rom is having some little glitches though, most of which can be fixed. Some readers on our blog, and nikhilmendu on our Droidiser Forum, reported that the Camera quality deteriorates too much on upgrading to Jelly Bean. Another reader, Anirban Chatterjee tried out various custom roms based on Jelly Bean, but in vain. He then tried out various Camera applications available on Play Store, but that too didn't help much. What helped him later was flashing the apk of the camera from Android 4.2, and that's what I love about a community: the spirit to help each other. So, if the mod below helps you out, thank Anirban Chatterjee for the finding.

Here is a comment log if you are interested:

Ok, so I tried two ROMs, namely Jalebi and DrBhokali, and none of them produced any change over the default camera. I haven't yet tried Ulefone ROM, but will be doing that. Anyway, I've temporarily found a solution. Flashing Jellybean 4.2 default camera on existing 4.1.1 significantly improves camera quality, and it is limited to 8 MP.
btw the app can be flashed using CWM
I will be reporting after I install Ulefone ROM. Thanks very much btw.
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Gaurav Gahlyan yesterday
You should try ICS Camera. And you can also try out the camera quality with other custom roms based on jb, like ulefone's or amoi's rom. I have written a separate article for that, check that out.
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Anirban Chatterjee yesterday
Hey Gaurav, really many thanks for sharing the update. :) No mere words can thank you enough for your hard work.
The update process was flawless as usual, thanks to your detailed instructions. But one major glitch regarding the Mobistel ROMs I have faced is the hugely degraded camera quality. Even if we set camera quality back to 8 MP and set sharpness to high, nothing works much. Is there any way we can get Micromax's stock camera quality with this update? (BTW V2's camera apk doesn't work with JB).
So, if you too want to enjoy the sweetness of Jelly Bean along with ICS-like camera quality, then follow the steps below:

Disclaimer: I don't think this guide needs any disclaimer as you have already voided your warranty by updating to Jelly Bean, but still if you end up harming your device, we aren't responsible for that. We shall surely try to help you out though.


Improve Micromax A110's Camera quality on Jelly Bean:

  1. Download Android 4.2 Camera zip file.
  2. Transfer the file to your phone's SD card. (If you had downloaded it in your pc, otherwise it would already be in your SD card :P)
  3. Switch off your phone.
  4. Press Power+ Volume Up+ Volume Down simultaneously till your screen turns on.
  5. Press Volume Up to go to clockworkmod recovery.
  6. Scroll to the "Install zip from sdcard" option by pressing volume down repeatedly and using power button to select.
  7. Browse to the location where you copied the zip file in your sdcard.
  8. Pave your way through the herd of 'No's to select the only "yes' option and wait for the flashing opertion to complete.
  9. Reboot your phone. Open the Android 4.2 camera app from your app drawer and check the quality of the photos you click using that app.
This should should be a cakewalk if you have done the (comparatively) harder job of flashing cwm and Jelly Bean to your device. Share this story with your friends who own Micromax A110 to show you care! Join the Micromax A110 Jelly Bean discussion here.