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[Update]: The project below was abandoned due to technical difficulties. Recently, we have started a new project called "We,The Droidiser Community".
If you are a regular reader, and/or paid a glance at the changed header of my blog, you would have heard of something called Droidiser Forums. Well, Droidiser Forum is a new project I have started especially for Indian Android devices, which don't find a separate section on everyone's favorite Xda-developers forum. I shall explain what was the idea behind setting up this forum, which has gave me sleepless nights over the past week.

Objective behind this forum:

  • Separate Forum for locally sold Indian Android devices:
    The popularity of Micromax A110 showed me one thing, if any local Android phone gets popular, even then it is not going to get a separate forum. Micromax A110's main thread, which I started, has about 5k replies (and coming) and over 400k views. There were at least 25-30 different threads created by Mmx A110 users to cover various issues. But as the device didn't had a separate forum, it all messed up inside the general forums, and made it hard for users to manoeuvre through the different topics. That was when I decided to jump into action, and develop a forum which has separate forum sections dedicated to each local device sold in India, so as to encourage more and more development on these devices.

Why you should sign up when you already have an account on XDA Forums?

That is a burning question that I expect everyone to ask when someone (in this case, me) asks them to sign up on Droidiser Forums. So, I decided to ready up a list of some solid reasons:
  • Separate section for your Device:
    As I told you above, every Android device available in India will find a separate section for it on Droidiser Forum. If your device is missing a section on the DF, you can PM me or drop me an email.
  • Social Networking with your Dev friends:
    One thing that always bugged me on xda-developers was what was the benefit of having someone added as a friend. Sure you could allow only friends to send you messages, but that still leaves space for more. Right? On Droidiser Forum, you can add anyone as a friend, and as soon as he/she confirms you, you can chat with him like you normally do on Facebook or G+. You can post on their activity page, see their info and more
  • Instant Messaging options:
    Just like any other Instant Messaging service, you can chat with your friends once they are online. Obviously, that would save you the trouble of switching back and forth to Facebook when you want to discuss about development issues of your device with your developer friend over the other end. Your instant messenger history is also available to you.
  • Ad free:
    As of now, the forum is totally ad free, it means it would load insanely fast. The home page of the forum is just 680 kilobytes in size, and loads in a flash, even on my slow-like-snail internet connection. And by the way, when I am talking about this topic, let me confess that given the amount of time it takes to run a forum or as such, a blog like the one you are currently on, anyone would want to make some money for his hard work. That's why, advertising has been put up on Droidiser.com, but Droidiser Forums will remain ad free as per my current plans.
  • Less crowded:
    As the Forum is brand new, your posts and topics would be more visible and would likely generate a response from our currently small list of members.
  • Excellent Support:
    I am the only admin of the forums currently, and am always listening to your suggestions and queries. So, I will do my best to improve the user experience for you at Droidiser Forum.
  • Early Bird benefits:
    If you are one of the first 1000 members of the forum, then you would get some limited time benefits, including no ads on your account for the first three months, some extra permissions and more exposure for your development work.
  • Get instant DD or DC rank:
    If you are a recognized developer/contributor on XDA-Developers, you can get an instant rank boost to "Droidiser Developer" (or DD as we call them) or "Droidiser Contributor" (or DC). To prove that you are same user you are claiming to be, on xda, PM me on my xda account with your username on Droidiser Forum and I shall update your rank and privileges. DDs and DCs enjoy ad free forums for life, guaranteed.
  • Activity Page:
    An activity page to show your geeky skills, similar to a Facebook wall, is present on every user's profile.
A changelog containing the information about what's happening behind the scenes is added here.

After reading all my explanations, if you are enticed to join Droidiser Forum, you can do so here.
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