Google Play Services to introduce Real-time Multiplayer soon, says AndroidPolice

According to AndroidPolice, a future update of the Google Play Services app will introduce XBox Live like multiplayer fun to Android devices. Though this isn’t confirmed by any official, AP has got some proof to back their claims.

AP got hold of the MyGlass app, which, as the name says,runs on Google Glass. It seems that Google Glass Team accidentally ended up shipping the full Google Play Services with their MyGlass app, even though GMS (short for Google Play Services) doesn’t seem to be of any use on Google Glass, as Glass isn’t meant to run heavy/complex apps (as of now).

In a folder named Games in the MyGlass APK, there are smali files named something that would interest a lot of us Android Fans. To list down a few, the files indicate that GMS will support Real-Time Multiplayer (like real-time racing games. Most Wanted, anyone?), Turn Based Multiplayer (like in Chess, Crossword, Draw Something and other similar games), Chatting while the game is being played or before the game even starts, leaderboards (for some bragging rights) and, of course, the option to invite your friends
What this means is that now Game Developers won’t have to do all the matchmaking, leaderboards and other stuff on their own servers, rather it will be done by Google. I am sure you must have played some Multiplayer Games on your Android phone already, that experience is going to get better with the intervention by Google.

If you are really getting excited by even the news of this, be patient, all of us are in for some delicious Google Treat. Till Google announces this, or makes it available for your device, go ahead and download (mirror) and extract the app to see for yourself. Or give the original article a read. Do share this story with your friends to let them know about the upcoming fun you might be having with them!
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