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Best Custom ROMs to install/flash on Micromax A110 Canvas 2

Micromax A110 has been the most popular phone on our blog, and has been one of the driving forces behind the visitors we serve daily. In this post, we shall help out those readers by listing down the best custom roms they should give a try on their Micromax A110 Canvas 2.

A ROM stands for read only memory and the ROMs we generally talk about an Android partition gets written to that partition. These ROMs decide the User Interface and the performance of your device along with a few other things like the custom kernel. The urge to flash custom roms often leads people to root their phone. And we expect that you have already rooted your Micromax A110 Canvas 2 and have installed clockworkmod recovery installed on it. Clockworkmod recovery (or TWRP recovery) is a must for flashing custom roms or any other third party zip.

Before you proceed:
  • If you are on Ice Cream Sandwich, follow Rooting Micromax A110 on ICS and then flash clockworkmod recovery.
  • If you are on Jelly Bean, follow this guide to root as well as to install clockworkmod recovery on your Canvas 2.
  • I have linked the xda thread of all the roms in their description. Visit that thread to learn about the latest updates and to download the latest rom version.
  • The general method of flashing a custom rom on Micromax A110 is:
    • Download the latest version of the rom you chose to try from the specified xda thread.
    • Transfer the ROM's zip file to your Canvas 2's sd card.
    • Power off your Micromax A110. When it vibrates, the phone has shut down completely.
    • Press the Volume Down, Volume Up and Power button till your phone boots into cwm/twrp recovery (depends on which one you have installed).
    • Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset and then go to Advanced and select Wipe Dalvik Cache.
    • Go to Install zip from sd card, then to Choose zip from sd card and finally select the rom file you transferred to your sd card in step 2.
    • Go to Advanced and select Wipe Batter stats.
    • Reboot your device.
  •  Please note that these roms have been chosen on the basis of feedback they have received.
  • Before giving the rom a go, make sure you have read the known bugs of that rom and only flash it if you can live with them.

The 5 Custom ROMs to try on Micromax A110 Canvas 2 before you (or the phone) die:

  1. Lewa OS ROM
  2. JMP ROM
  3. Suvi ROM
  4. Raven OS ROM
  5. Stock ROM
Now, we shall talk about these rom in details.
  • Lewa OS ROM:

    Lewa OS is a fork of Android OS with heavy changes in the User Interface. Fortunately, the User Interface changes for the better. If you were starting to get bored of the same Android UI on your device, don't waste a second and try this rom on your Canvas 2 now!

    This rom was ported to Canvas 2 by Mufti.arfan and has a dedicated thread over here.


    Download: Lewa OS v13.05.24 (About 202 Megabytes)

    Known Bugs:
    • Doesn't work well with Crossbreeder. You don't need to care about this if you don't know what it is.
    • Using OTG requires you to use OTG Mount Helper app.

  • JMP ROM:

    JMP ROM was one of the very first roms released for Micromax A110 Canvas 2 and enjoys a good feedback from its users. I am sure you too won't regret downloading it.

    This rom has been developed by Jiggar M. Pattani and has its thread here.


    JMP ROM v11.5 (About 113 Megabytes)

    Known Bugs: All of the known bugs can be fixed by atches present here. Apply the one according to the bug you face.

  • Suvi ROM:

    Suvi ROM has been developed by bsuhas, and just like JMP rom, enjoys mostly positive feedback from its users. It is definitely worth a shot. The official xda thread for this rom is here.

    Download link for the latest version of the rom have been removed for unknown reasons. Go to the thread to check if it is back ( and if it is comment on this post to let me know).

    Known Bugs:

  • Raven ROM:

    As Akshit Patel, the rom developer, puts it, this rom features a dark theme in most of its applications and  provides UI that is never seen before. To see if all that is true, you will have to try it out. The xda support thread for this rom can be found here.


    Raven ROM v2 (About 222 Megabytes)

    Known Bugs: Clicking Battery option in Settings leads to a Force Close. Also, the network signal stays even when it is not working.

  • Stock Jelly Bean ROM:
    Wasn't it  a list of custom roms for Micromax A110? Yes, it was, but according to me Stock ROM is the most stable rom for any phone and given that no rom for Canvas 2 has been built from source and are just aggregation of tweaks, you can try all those tweaks on your stock ROM itself. If you want to revert to the stock jelly bean rom for Micromax A110, head here. As expected, it is totally bugless.
This is it. Whew, it took me a lot of time to gauge user's response for the bucketloads of roms available of Micromax A110 and to select the best few. If you feel any other rom deserves a place here, comment below. At this time, a poll is also running about the same topic. It is on the right sidebar, do participate there.