8 Ways To Make Your Smart Phone Work For You

Take advantage of your smart phone's technology. Make your life much more convenient with these great technologies that sync up with your phone!

Upgrade the lighting in your home

The Phillips Hue is a light bulb that allows you to control it wirelessly through any smart device. This bulb covers nearly all the colors on the visible spectrum. You can choose the color of your lights from photos that you've taken or from any photo of your choice. You can change the brightness of the lights and set timers to them also. These lights do everything. Best of all, you won't have to replace your lamps and light switches. The light bulbs cover it all.


I know it sounds a little silly, but this is more convenient than you think. Scanomat has a fully programmable coffeemaker that can be scheduled to brew your favorite cup of coffee in the morning. Additionally, if you decide that you want another type of coffee, you can change it on the fly using your smart device. Being able to stay in bed and make coffee at the same time is convenient and quite luxurious.

Turn your car on

That's right. You can use your phone or smart device to do even this. There are several apps that will sync up your car to your phone, allowing remote access to your vehicle. During the hot summers, you won't have to step into a muggy car anymore. Just start your car and let the AC cool your car off before you hop in. For the Winter months, enjoy a warm safe-haven from the harsh cold.

Pet feeder

Sometimes, we don't make it home on time to feed our lovely animals because of a busy workday. Luckily, there are pet feeders out on the market that can be controlled wirelessly. If you're ever running late, you won't have to worry about your pet going on a hunger rampage around your home ever again.

Smart thermostats

These nifty little devices are programmable thermostats that can be controlled via your smart phone. This means you can control your homes temperature from anywhere. This will help you cut back on energy costs and keep your home at the right temperature. Additionally, after manually changing the temperature in your home after a few days, some smart thermostats can actually learn your schedule and take care of the change for you.

Security cameras

There are many types of different security cameras on the market, however, the most impressive ones are motion-sensitive cameras that can be remotely accessed from anywhere in the world. You'll be able to watch live feeds of what's going on at home to make sure everything is safe and sound.

Security system

A comprehensive home security system can actually help you achieve everything listed in this article. My League home security and Baytown home security allow me remote access to every electronic device in my home. On top of that, I can remotely lock and unlock my doors and do so much more. Solid security systems like this one aren't as expensive as they sound and can provide you with mass amounts of home automation.

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