How to get unlimited lives in Candy Crush Saga on Android and iOS

No one has been able to decode the reason behind the success of Candy Crush Saga. There have been games with similar gameplay since ages and I can hardly recall any game (except Bejeweled) that achieved this much attention from fans. We guess it might be the sweetness of the protagonists in this game (i.e. the multicolored candies) or the urge to beat your friends' high score. As we are not here to discuss that but to take your addiction to new highs, we shall directly get to the topic of your interest. We know how much it sucks to stare at the countdown when you are out of lives. Or to beg to your friends to 'donate' a life to you so that you can continue your expedition. In this article, we shall explain to you how you can get unlimited lives easily, without having to wait for hours.

The game uses the inbuilt system clock to restore your lives. So, if you want limitless lives:

  • Start Candy Crush Saga.
  • No matter whether you are on an Android device or an iPad/iPhone, go to Settings and then proceed to Date and Time (or whatever it's called on iOS).
  • If automatic detection/update of Time has been turned on, turn it off so that you can alter the time.
  • Change the date to match that of tomorrow, or you can even change the current year itself.
  • Switch back to your game and confirm whether all your lives have been restored and set your time/date back to the real one.

The above trick can also be used to skip the one day wait between two quests. If you find yourself too lazy to change your time every now and then, an Android app called GMD Speed Time automates this thing. Just install the app, select how many times faster you want time to pass, go to your game and enjoy! When you are done, stop the insane flow of time by tapping on the GMD Speed Time notification in the status bar and clicking stop. Stopping the app will correct your clock. There's a small hindrance for some of you though, your phone must be rooted to use that app. If you are not having a rooted device, the manual method is always there, though you might want to know some other perks of rooting.

Enjoy playing this sweet and social game more than ever! Share this story with those of your friends who keep on asking you for a life.

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