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Use Titanium Backup to ease the process of switching between different ROMs

Titanium Backup is the most popular app when i it comes to backup utilities on an Android app, and it has got this feat under its name for some solid reasons. Apart from taking backups of your applications along with their data, it offers a serious number of other small nifty features, one of which eases the process of switching roms thousand times more easier. An option to zip all the apps on your phone means that you can get all your applications from the rom you are currently using to the rom you are going to install without any hassles.

I remember the bad old days when I had to keep a list of all my apps when I used to switch roms. Later, I used to restore them one by one using titanium backup. I know there must be done workaround to this problem earlier too, but this was surely a welcome feature in the recent updates of the application. Laziness comes at a cost though and this feature, thus, comes only in the paid version of the Titanium Backup app.

To use this feature, go to edit filters and select user apps, then press the tick mark icon. When ask the user apps are listed, tap Menu button and select batch Actions. From the list of options, select the "Create from Apps+ Data", then untick any app you don't want to have in the file and continue. Go to your recovery and flash the normally, whenever you want to restore all your apps.

Although, this could be achieved by going to Advanced Restore in clockworkmod recovery and restoring the data partition only but that would also restore all accounts information among other things, plus it's lot more easier to handle a zip file than an img file, right?

If you are still stuck with the free version of the app or are a villain and have the pirated version of the paid app, now is the time to reward the developers for their hard work by buying the Titanium Backup Pro key from the Play Store. Share this tip with your friends to ease their geeky lives.