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Exclusive: We've got a clue what Android 5 Key Lime Pie might look like!

No, we don’t have an insider at Google and this isn’t a leak. We are guessing what the UI of Android 5 might look like based on what’s happening around us. It has been some time since Google has started moving away from the Holo design in the updates it has been pushing to the apps in the Google Suite. Don't know why, but in my personal opinion, the design guidelines we are seeing in the updates of these Google apps can well form the base of the major UI overhaul we are expecting in Android 5 Key Lime Pie.

So, what is the design guideline Google has been recently started following? Take a look at the few snapshots below to get an idea of the design shift we are talking about:

Google Plus
Google Play Books
Google Drive

Google Play Movies & TV

Google Play Store

Google Music
Google Keep

Did you note that not all the apps above are brimming with colors. Some, like Google Play Books and Google Movies have been assigned a single color?

If our theory is right, we are going to see a major change in the looks of the Android 5 UI and it might be as colorful as iOS 7 is. Now, as I don’t want any Apple fanboy to react that Google is copying Apple, Google has been colorful since its present logo was launched. Google Plus has been full of colors since its beginning and the first Google app that shifted towards this design guideline that we currently have on the majority of the Google App suite was launched much before Apple’s unveiling of the iOS 7. If my personal memory is any good, the recent design change of Google Play Store implemented different colors for Apps, Books, Movies and Music section. This trend was then followed by apps like Google Music, Gmail and Hangouts.

In most of these recently updated apps, a swipe from the left  brings in a menu with the options for that particular app. This hints on the fact that we might see some kind of gestures built in to the Stock Android 5. Again, this is only a speculation and we don't know anything for sure. This was that I had been personally observing with the updates Google has been pushing all this while.

Sorry, but I am not an artist so couldn't put up my imagination in to an imaginative screenshot. But I know you know what I am imagining Android 5 to look like. Something more colorful.

What are your thoughts? Would you love a more colorful approach on Android rather than the present darkish Holo theme? Let us (and Google) know in the comments section.