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Rogers Moto X shows off its features in what appears to be an official video

In a recently leaked video, which appears to be shot professionally, we get to see the Moto X in its full glory. The HD video shows off the phone's new features, like always on voice command system (probably named Moto Magic) which can be used to access commonly used features without using your fingers. We still aren't sure though whether these features will be Motorola specific or will be available in the next Android update.

The leaked video shows a Canadian carrier Rogers' version of the phone. As per the video, Moto X's camera can be activated by a double twist gesture, with no need to turn on the screen for this. In the camera app, tapping anywhere on the screen (obviously, except wher the controls lie) captures a still, while holding anywhere on the screen will initiate a burst shot.

This Always On functionality is also seen in the voice command system of the upcoming phone, which can be activated anytime by saying OK Moto Magic. This command seems to be in line with Google's voice command across its other products like Google Glass (OK Glass) and in Google Maps' recent update (OK Maps).

Here's the video for your watching pleasure. It was originally uploaded on Google Plus. (G+ is much better than Facebook, really. If only it had some people using it!)

If you haven't been catching up with the the Moto X saga lately, according to a report, Google will spend half a billion dollars in marketing the Motorola Moto X. We don't know how much money is going to be used, but one thing for sure, these leaks and rumors are adding some great (and free) value to Moto X's popularity among its potential buyers.

As per a recent poll, Moto X is the most awaited smartphone right now with 43% of votes against competitors such as Galaxy Note 3 and LG Optimus G2. We too started a similar poll on our blog, but as the majority of our readers are Indians, they seemed to be more inclined towards the Micromax Canvas 4 :P (This poll was strted before Canvas 4 was launched).