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Micromax Canvas 4’s Blow to Unlock app pulled to work on (almost) all Android devices

Micromax’s highly advertised feature of Canvas 4, Blow to Unlock, has been ported to work on all Android devices running Android 4.0 and later. If you fancied having the Blow to Unlock feature on your device, here is your chance to have it working on your device.

Note: You might also love to have all other features of Canvas 4 on your present Android device.

The .apk (android package) file of the app which brings this features to the Canvas 4 was pulled out of the phone by xda member keanu_ritz and when tested on other android devices, it was found to be working, with a glitch here and there, which reaffirmed our belief that this feature wasn’t integrated with the system and comes to action thanks to an app developed by foneclay. It must be noted that most such software features that appear in phones from bigger brands like Samsung and HTC come tightly integrated with the phone and can’t, as a matter of fact, be installed on another phone as easily. What keanu_ritz did was fairly simple, he downloaded the stock rom for Canvas 4 and extracted the app from it. You might not believe now, but I was planning to do the same to try out a few apps, but thanks to the dumb BSNL 2G connection I use, I can’t bear the pain of downloading files as large as 500 MB.

To install the app on a device running ICS or above, do this to install the app and get it to work fine:
  • Go to Settings > Security > Screen Lock and then select the None option. If you had enabled a pattern or pin lock, you would be required to enter it once so as to change the lock type on your device.
  • Download the MUnlock.apk file on your device.
  • Install it using any file manager.
  • If you haven’t already enabled Unknown Sources, then this app won’t install on your phone unless you go to Settings > Security and tick Unknown Sources. Enabling this option means that you want to install apps from outside the play store. Once you have installed this app, you can turn this option, if you want to.
  • Go to your app drawer and click on the MUnlock app icon. Tap the lock icon so that it is locked to turn on the “Blow to Unlock” feature.

Though the app installed fine on an Android 2.2 device I own, I couldn’t get it to work fine. The phone displayed a blank screen with just the wallpaper and the notification bar as the lock screen but no instruction to unlock the screen. Surprisingly though, blowing air in the mic or shaking the phone worked well to unlock it. That means you can give it a try even if you have a phone that runs on Gingerbread or below.

A few words about the feature:

This type of lock isn’t practical at all. Suppose you are taking a stroll around the park with the phone in your hand. Obviously, the phone will get unlocked if you accidentally press the power button as the phone is also shaking and continuous blows of air would keep entering the mic of your phone, thus unlocking your phone and you might end up touching doing bizarre things on your phone without even knowing. To summarise it, this is not going to be your (at least not mine) full time lock screen.

Do let me know what you think about this app and whether it worked fine on your device.