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How to unbrick or flash Stock ROM on Micromax A210 Canvas 4/ Blu Life One/ Wiko Stairway (Exclusive)

No matter whether you liked it or not, but thanks to the hype that Micromax generated for Canvas 4, this phone is still going to sell in good numbers. For those of you, who are going to buy this offering from Micromax will appreciate the fact that the Stock ROM of the Micromax A210 Canvas 4 is now available. That means that you can stay sure that nothing will happen to your phone no matter what you do to it (except hammering it literally). This guide will show you how you can install the stock rom on Micromax A210 Canvas 4 or the rebranded versions aka Blu Life One and Wiko Heaven Stairway.

As I stated in the title, flashing the stock rom can bring your bricked phone back to life. Apart from when you have bricked your phone, the other situations in which you might want to flash the stock rom on your device are:
  • You have installed a custom rom and want to go back to stock but don't have a nandroid backup.
  • Any feature is not working correctly and you want to be sure that it's not a software problem, then you can flash this stock rom and test if the feature still doesn't work.
  • You have installed way too many apps and mods and you want to have a fresh start.
Let me make one thing clear, I haven't tested this method yet because I don't have the device. But this method will work for sure as that's the way you flash a stock rom on a Mediatek device.

How to unbrick/ flash stock rom:

  • Install official drivers for your phone on your Windows PC (32 bit) only. If you have a 64 bit version, you can use pdanet to install drivers for your phone.
  • Download Stock ROM v1_290613 rar file. (Updated link. In the link that opens, click on the only file present to start the download of the stock rom.)
  • Download SP Flash Tools.
  • Extract the stock rom you downloaded in the step above. Find a scatter file named something like MT6589_android_scatter_emmc.txt
  • Continue ahead from step 4 of this guide for Canvas HD (and use the corresponding files which I have referred above).
  • I don't think a TPUpgrade thing will appear on flashing this rom, as described in the guide linked above for Canvas HD. That occurred in Canvas HD because it was an OS upgrade which is not the case here.
Do let us know whether it worked out smoothly for you so that we can add a tested tag to this guide.