How to type in Hindi easily on your PC and Android devices: Exclusive Tip

Trying to set up a Hindi Android forum on our We forums, I found it that it can be a real pain to type in Hindi. There are a few software available on the internet to type on Hindi on a Windows PC, but unless you know how to type in Hindi (like if you have learnt that on a Hindi typewriter, most of us haven't), it is still quite a big problem to type using the Hindi keyboard layout. In this guide, I shall present to you a handy new way to type in Hindi.

All of us need to type in Hindi at one time of point or another, even if it is a small text. Google comes to the rescue here for all of us who are fluent in Hinglish. A lot of us do a lot of chatting and other stuff in Hinglish. This small Google trick allows you to translate that Hindi text in pure Devanagari script which you can copy to your required field.

Using Google to convert Hinglish to Hindi:

  • Go to http://www.google.co.in
  • Below the Google Search bar, click on Hindi link (In the Google.co.in offered in line)
  • When you click on Hindi, the page will reload.
  • Near the right end of the search box, a little keyboard icon will appear, click on it.
  • Three options will pop out of that button, select the first one that says "अ हिंदी"
  • Start typing in Hinglish using your normal keyboard and the text will intelligently get converted to Hindi. See the youtube video below to remove your doubts, if any.

How to enable Hindi layout on default keyboard on Windows 7:

Watch this video to learn how you can use Hindi layout on your physical/deafult onscreen keyboard if you are having Windows 7. If you are on any other versions of Windows, refer this guide by Microsoft.

How to type in Hindi on Android device:

Make sure that your device supports Hindi font. To check this go to any site with Hindi text (like this) from your Android browser or ask your friend having a good ol' Nokia to sms you anything in Hindi.
If your device doesn't have Hindi support, don't get disheartened. As you own an Android device, almost everything is possible. Use this guide to get Hindi support on your device, though it needs to be rooted to perform this tutorial.
To input in Hindi on your Android device, you can use the Google method posted above on a javascript enabled browser or download Google हिंदी इनपुट application from the play store.
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